Black Clover Episode 128 Release Date and Updates: Asta To Tackle Threatening Situations At Heart Kingdom

Black Clover Chapter 248 Release Date, Spoilers, Updates and News

All the protagonists of the anime series including Asta would be seen again in action in the upcoming episode 128 of ‘Black Clover’ on their arrival at the Heart Kingdom. Although they have already acquired the necessary grants and permissions to enter the kingdom, but since all this was supposed to be a trap for them, it is very certain that some new challenges and troubles are waiting for them there. (check: Kaguya-sama: Love is War Season 2.)

Black Clover Episode 128 Speculations:

We have already seen that the Black Bulls did get to know about a Demon which dwells in the Heart Kingdom when they were engaged in a consultation about the hex magic and curses with the Gordon’s family.

Some of the fans believe that it might help them to discover a way that could possibly cure Asta and through this, they could also get to learn some more revelations and theories about the mysterious death of the mother of Noelle.

Black Clover Episode 128 Release Date, Spoilers, Promo, News and Updates
Black Clover Episode 128 Release Date, Spoilers, Promo, News and Updates

The current requirements of the situation are more than enough to drag them i.e. Noelle, Asta, Finral, Mimosa and Secre (Nero) to the Heart Kingdom. Just before they would be leaving the Clover Kingdom, Finral would also be briefly meeting his brother Langris and would have a small conversation.

Langris is of the opinion that Finesse would not be pleased unless Finral does not exercise control over his flirty behaviour with most of the other women. This control of him over his behaviour could be tested immediately when he would be travelling to the Heart Kingdom with Noelle and Mimosa who are considered as ‘royal beauties’ and Nero as well who transforms into Secre who is also not less pretty.

As Mimosa and her brother were only allowed to enter the Heart Kingdom for only a single time as exchange students, therefore, she also decides to join this trip.

Also, the Black Bulls were previously planning to enter the Kingdom illegally but since they were legally allowed to cross the border, Asta seems to be more than happy. It is certain that the situations arising in the episode 128 of ‘Black Clover’ would surely make them realize that all these ‘positive’ things may not turn out as they might seem to be.

These four leading characters of the anime would have to face the Gaja, the Spirit Guard of the Heart Kingdom at their entrance gate. Their first impression did go cool with him. Even, they were able to blend him so well in the conversation, that Gaja did not even hesitate to talk with them about the mana zone and country’s border which are under complete control and supervision of the empress there.

He also said that she has established an agreement to use the Water Magic with the Water Spirit. To their shock, all this warmth in this welcome seems to be doubtful when Asta was ejected from the boat after Water Magic is used by Gaja on him.

Noelle, Finral, Mimosa and Secre would be seen taking on Gaja who seems to possess incredible magical powers and skills. At the same time, Asta could be seen falling and going deeper and deeper inside a huge hole.

When he reaches the bottom of the hole and hits the ground, he is immensely surprised to get greeted by the Princess of the Kingdom there who was inside a full armor suit. This clearly suggests that we could get to see both of them fighting against each other in the episode 128 of ‘Black Clover’. The Princess also tells him that she was eagerly waiting to see the Asta’s Demon.

Black Clover Episode 128 Release Date

One of the major highlights of this episode would be the unparalleled beauty of the natural environment at the Heart Kingdom. The whole episode 128 of ‘Black Clover’ is supposed to be based there.

Moreover, Noelle and their opponents would be using the Water Magic spells frequently on a larger scale than ever before. All this calls for the necessary animations which could match the levels of the magnificence of all these majestic events and scenes.

All the fans have high expectations from the makers to provide complete justice to the glory of the situations in the episode 128 of ‘Black Clover’ which means stunning scenes and animations are on their way. This episode is supposed to release on the 31st March which is on the upcoming Tuesday.


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