Dance Plus Season 4 20th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Vartika Jha, We Unbeatables becomes first two finalists

dance plus 4 winner name 2018
dance plus 4 winner name 2018

Dance Plus 4 20 January 2019 Written Update: The overview of this Dance+ episode is that Rishabh Sharma has quit the show because of health issue. The first two finalists of this season have been announced and they are none other than Vartika Jha and We Unbeatables. The reality tv show gets more exciting from now on. (check: Total dhamaal trailer.)

The D+ Sunday episode began with Raghav revealing about the concept for the week. Prabhudeva arrived as the special guest and the performances began. S Unity came first to perform and they lured the audience and the judges with their Friendship Anthem- Tera Yaar Hoon Mai. Prabhu Deva seemed mesmerized as he revealed the same. They received a full Plus and a dance with the guest on Chintata song.

Feel Crew was the next to perform. They brought up a unique concept comprising of both fun and serious message. It was based on smartphones and its over usage by people and how they weaken relations. Everyone loved it. Audience applauded the act along with Remo D’Souza. They also garnered a full Plus.

dance plus 4 20th january 2019 written update episode
dance plus 4 20th january 2019 written update episode

Be Unique was the next team to present their act. Rajat didn’t perform this week too due to being in a critical state. It was a mesmerizing performance. Their hand movements were of special emphasis. Everyone was left stunned. Remo loved their Egypt and mommy style.

Vartika Jha presented a Philips special performance with a right amount of energy in the act. The Philips lights gave astounding lights and its spark matched perfectly with the dance. It was loved by everyone.

Then, it was the turn for Gang 13. They danced on the Captains and the judges’ live request dancing. The Captains applauded it for the great concept while Remo said that something like this never happened on the show before. Captain Shakti said their act has improved over time. Group 13.13 showed that parents will be parents irrespective of the number of students or children they have. The performance was absolutely lovable.

Shakti shared a bad news regarding Rishab Sharma whose health condition is extremely severe. The doctors have advised him not to perform the entire month. Keeping doctors’ advice, Rishab quit the show and bid an emotional bye. Everyone became emotional.

At the result time, Remo announced the name of the first two finalists of the season – Vartika Jha and We Unbeatables. On getting the good news, they thanked everyone for giving them this big platform to showcase their talent to millions.

Then, it was the time for final Showdown. Be Unique, Sujan and Aanchal performed in the first round of the Showdown. The latter team was declared as the winner and got extra 5 Plus. This might help them in getting to the Top 4 next week. The next showdown was between Chetan and The Veterans in which the latter one won and got extra 5 Plus.

It will be interesting to see the rest of the two teams to reach the Finale episodes. By the way, who is your favorite contestant/team? Stay tuned for more Dance Plus 4 updates.


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