Legendary Comic Book Sketch artist George Pérez passed away a few moments ago. When the news of the Marvel and DC artist went out viral on social media, everyone started wondering about George Pérez Comics and where to buy and download them.

The mint condition hard copies of George Pérez Comics are rare and considered higher value items in the resale market. George Pérez worked on over 293 subjects in his lifetime. He also contributed to more than 220 Covers. His legacy could never be forgotten for any Marvel or DC fan.

George Pérez Comics List 

While George worked on a large number of projects for the comic world in his lifetime. We shortlisted the most notable projects George Pérez was involved in.

  1. Sons of the Tiger (Marvel)
  2. The Avengers – Vol 1 #141 (Marvel)
  3. Fantastic Four (Marvel)
  4. Justice League of America (DC)
  5. The New Teen Titans (DC)
  6. Wonder Woman (DC)
  7. Superman (DC)
  8. Adventures of Superman
  9. Sachs and Violens
  10. Hulk: Future Imperfect
  11. Crimson Plague

Notable Characters created by George Perez

  1. White Tiger

Notable Inked work by George Pérez

  1. Superman (issue #423) (DC)
  2. Wonder Woman

67-Year Old George passed today. He was suffering from Stage 3 cancer. He rejected the chemotherapy as the treatment recovery had very slim chances. George passed away, spending time with his wife. The funeral details are available in George Pérez Obituary.



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