Dr Stone Season 2 Release Date: Senku To Fight Together With Friends In Stone Wars Arc

Dr Stone 2 Release Date, Trailer, Spoilers, Characters, News and Updates
Dr Stone Season 2 Release Date, Anime Characters, Plot, Spoilers and Updates

Dr Stone Season 2: The upcoming season of ‘Dr. Stone’ would come up with a fresh story again where Senku works on more of his new scientific discoveries and inventions. Also, on the other hand, his friends work together and help him to reveal the secrets behind the formula of petrification, so that they could turn the people who were previously petrified back to normal. (check: Shrek 5.)

This time also, their main aim is to save the lives of the people, so that the civilization could be restored there. The viewers shall be overjoyed and would be highly entertained to see the brand new plot and storyline of the ‘Stone Wars’ arc in the second season of ‘Dr. Stone’ getting disclosed step by step.


This time, the things would go to the next level because Senku and the people from his village are highly knowledgeable and skilled if science and modern technology are considered. They know very well about how they can make various new gadgets and tools to survive and fight competently and they could use these things to work for their maximum advantage.

Dr Stone 2 Release Date, Trailer, Spoilers, Characters, News and Updates
Dr Stone 2 Release Date, Trailer, Spoilers, Characters, News and Updates

We were able to come up with this conclusion because we clearly saw that all these villagers did successfully develop a number of working gadgets and lethal weapons when the first season ended up to help themselves spend their lives more conveniently and also to protect their families from enemies and ensure their survival from their predators.


Summing up the storyline of the second season:

To begin with, the teaser for the second season of this anime series disclosed to us that the upcoming season would also trigger the beginning of the new arc i.e. ‘Stone Wars’. The makers did come up with this teaser during the last phase of the previous year i.e. 2019 and it clearly points towards a war where Senku would fight together with his friends.

But for now, we have no certain idea about the person that might possibly become their prime enemy this time. We are baffled because we previously saw that their issues with their old enemy Tsukasa Shishio and his people came to an end when Senku successfully depetrified his younger sister Mirai.


He also promised to become an ally to the Science genius i.e. Senku himself and pledged his loyalty to the Kingdom of Science as the latter brought back Mirai to life. Also, there occurred an incident about thousands of years ago when a strange kind of light beam from a mysterious unknown source flashed in the sky and a number of scared humans around the place petrified to become like stones.

The first person who got restored back to normal was Senku Ishigami after which many of his other friends including Yuzuriha Ogawa, Taiju Oki and a martial artist named Tsukasa Shishio were also revived. After much investigation and research, Senku was able to figure out the reason behind his depetrification which turned out to be nitric acid.

So with the help of this major breakthrough, he immediately starts working on the depetrification formula to help restore civilization back at the place.

Possibilities and expected release date:

The story of the second season would continue with Senku trying his best to figure out the secrets behind the petrification and the method to reverse the process. He would also build many gadgets and equipment with his friends which would assist them a lot in their mission to restore civilization back.

Chrome and Gen would also work closely with him to discover the deptrification formula as well as to win the upcoming battles and wars which are on their way.

So, finally, we know that the second season of ‘Dr. Stone’ is still in the production stage which means it might take a considerable amount of time to make it. But the reports of Game Revolution suggests that the second season of the anime series could release in the coming month of July.



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