Would ‘Given’ Be Back With Season 2? Release Date, Characters, Episodes & Everything Else To Know

Given Season 2 Release Date, Episodes, Characters, Plot, Trailer & Updates
Given Season 2 Release Date, Episodes, Characters, Plot, Trailer & Updates

The fans watched the first season of Given, and all of them are curiously waiting to check the latest update for the next installment. Though there is no official news about season 2 of ‘Given’, we are confident in anticipating the comeback of the anime. Keep reading to know the reason behind it. (Check: Youjo Senki Season 2.)

No doubt, the popularity of “Yuri On Ice” still exceeds other series, among the audience due to the bold display of a strange relationship. Presently, it might be odd to say that “Given” is a series watched much by the modern audience. Though, this philosophy can sound perfect for the upcoming time.

Given Season 2: All about the manga

As the audience is well-aware of the anime which emerges from a manga series “Japanese Yaoi.” This Japanese manga was published with the same title (or name) which got its plot by Natsuki Kizu. Presently, there is an encounter of five manga volumes attached to the series. Since December 2017, it has been heard that the series stayed on a 2-year pause.

Although, 2019 came up with some updates on the series regarding its renewal. With the restart (April 1, 2019), it was the last or fifth volume. The first season consisted of a total 12 episodes. The manga volumes have been released on an irregular schedule. If the anime produces spectacular results, the author will be forced to produce more content on a regular basis.

Given Season 2 Release Date, Episodes, Characters, Plot, Trailer & Updates
Given Season 2 Release Date, Episodes, Characters, Plot, Trailer & Updates

Given Season 2 Release date: When will it premiere?

It was 12th July 2019, when “Given” came up with its first episode. In the first season, the audience got entertained by watching a total of 12 volumes. The first installment ended on September 20, 2019. And this is the time when viewers are surfing for the renewal updates. This anime came from a manga series which comprises 5 volumes to date.

The odd schedule regarding the volume release for the manga is doubting people about predicting a proper release date. It is known that the first volume released in 2014 and the latest one was published in April 2019. With this consideration, it becomes hard to predict if the manga has ended or not.

Catching up with the ratings regarding the anime of top-ranked platforms, it is clear that the anime is accepted among large proportion of anime viewers. At present, it is very early to predict a release date since the creators will soon themselves leave hints for the next update.

If there is a chance that manga is coming up with a new volume within the near future, then there is no one to put a stop on season 2 of ‘Given.’ With the latest notifications released, it can be assumed that a new “Given film” sequel is about to get aired in 2020.

Given Season 2: Covering up the summary

The main highlight is laid on “Ritsuka Uenoyama” in the story which is also referred to as the “electric guitarist” who participated in the school band performances. Certain situations happen, which turn Ritsuka into a guarding guitar guide to one of his classmates, namely, Mafuyu Sato.

It is depicted that Mafuyu si a gifted melody voice singer which is the main reason why Ritsuka made efforts to make Mafuyu join the school band.

At the time when it is being known by Ritsuka that the guitar (Sato’s Gibson ES-330) which he repaired was once owned by Yuki, his boyfriend who committed suicide. He thought to change the band’s name into famous “Given” which was done to give tribute to Yuki.

Given Season 2: What about the English Dub?

As of now, there is no dub version (in English) released for the series. Still, it is possible to catch up with the anime with English subtitles and real Japanese tuned for audio on Crunchyroll.

Given Series: What about the anime characters?

Mafuyu Sato: This 16-years-old young boy acts as the lead vocalist in the band referred to as “Given” in the series. The unique thing which separates him from other band members is that he never attained any prior training or experience in the field of music. He has been a god-gifted musician who is later seen showcasing his songwriting skills. When his boyfriend committed suicide, he got left alone in his sorrow. But his hidden sorrow is seen in his powerful performance when appearing on the stage.

Akihiko Kaji: Among the band members, Akihiko is the drum leader. Presently, he is seen studying his graduation years for a music degree. On a major part, he is seen attached to the violin and performs with it. He is familiar with almost every musical instrument. Talking about his relationship life, he has gained much more experience than other band members. Currently, he has developed a physical strict relationship with one of his band members (Haruki’s) ex-lover.

Ritsuka Uenoyama: In the band members, Ritsuka is also the one who used to enjoy playing melodious guitar notes and grabbed his music knowledge from the childhood age. His personality is revealed to be a stoic. Usually, he is seen as a cold personality with the people who stay around him. Talking about his love life, he doesn’t seem to have any experience regarding relationships.

Haruki Nakayama: Among the band members, Haruki is the eldest one. He is standing at an age of 22-years who is covering his graduate studies. He is given the title of bassist in the band and is a famous optimistic character. Standing at an older age, he, sometimes, acts as the bandleader. Also, he has feelings for Akihiko who is his crush.

Yuki Yoshida: In the series, there appears another character named Yuki Yoshida, who died in suicide before the happening of present situations. He is seen appearing only in the flashbacks shown in Mafuyu’s mind. Yuki appeared to be an impulsive personality.


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