Here are all the tips, tricks, hacks and cheats for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite that can help you in leveling up the game faster. In turn, you will be able to complete the game quickly. If you have already started playing the wizard video game, then this article is for you as you might be looking ways to do it quickly. (Check: Emmerdale Spoilers.)

It doesn’t matter if you are an Auror, Magizoologist, or Professor, here we have some tips for you that will make the game easier for you to play. Along with it, we are presenting you some tips that will help you in progressing through the game faster. In turn, it will work as if it has made the game easier, if you are willing to take the risk.

Harry and Potter Wizards Unite: Tips and Tricks

  • Managing Energy

As per the report, the game uses energy in a fairly quickly manner. It simply means that you will need to head to inns and greenhouses to get back to replenish it. But, sometimes, you won’t be find any of these locations nearby. It means that you need to conserve the energy as much as you can. You can be selective about your encounters. So, you can conserve your energy when you don’t need to use it.

‘Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’ Tips, Tricks, Hacks & Cheats
‘Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’ Tips, Tricks, Hacks & Cheats
  • Collect Scrolls And Spellbooks

You can collect Scrolls from Trace reward chests and Spell Books from Wizarding Challenges. They can be found at Fortresses with other witches and wizards. After obtaining either of them, they can be utilized to gain expertise in Profession Lessons.

  • Stick To One Profession

If you want to scale up faster, then you should stick with one profession. It’s easier than spreading your Scrolls and SpellBooks across multiple domains. Also, you should pick the profession that is going to work well with your friends. It’s because Professions are important for Fortresses. Without them, you won’t be able to gain Spell Books. As a result, you will face a tough time increasing your levels.

  • Play With Friends

It’s obviously more fun to play with others. Due to it, you get more bonus experience, and with experience, you can easily take down bigger enemies. This way, you will have an all around an easier time leveling up. If you want, you can make better use of Dark Detectors. They help you in finding difficult enemies around inns.


For example, placing Dark Detector in combination with your friend (up to three), they will serve you in a better way.

  • Cheats

Before going to read more about the cheats, you should note that it could possibly mean a permanent ban from Niantic. Some players may accept your offensive behavior, but some may give a tough time by reporting you to Niantic.

  • Faking Your Location

By faking your location, you can get around the world faster and rake up more Foundables. These are usually at far-off locations from you such as banks, zoos, and special areas.


You can follow the instruction on an Android device:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Click About Phone.
  3. Click Build Number seven times.

Tapping seven times will make you a developer. You will get a pop-up message informing the same. After doing this, you can download a fake GPS app from Google Play Store to modify your location.

You can follow the mentioned instructions to use a fake GPS app:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Select Developer Options.
  3. Select the fake GPS location app.

This was for Android device users. If you a iPhone user, you make use of cheats only with a jailbroken device. Only jailbroken devices can spook your location. However, there are reports on Reddit that Niantic can detect jailbroken phones. So, it will a risk for both iPhone and Android users.



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