Homeland Season 9 Release Date, Cast, Trailer and Spoilers: Has Showtime Renewed or Canceled It?

Homeland Season 9 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Episodes, News and Updates
Homeland Season 9 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Episodes, News and Updates

Many of the followers of this popular series ‘Homeland’ do believe that the ninth season of the show would be there, although, most of the viewing audience are of the opinion that it is very unlikely to happen. (check: Dead to Me Season 2.)

With the release of the last season, ‘Homeland’ completed eight installments in total. A number of people from the viewers think that the show has started to lose its magnificence and its popularity is fading away day by day because the show has been stretched for quite a long period of eight seasons. But despite all this, the series is still a hit among the present fans.

Homeland Season 9 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Episodes, News and Updates
Homeland Season 9 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Episodes, News and Updates

Showtime’s history with ‘Homeland’:

Showtime has been the official primary broadcasting network for ‘Homeland’ since its very first season. Despite knowing the fact that making shows last for a much long period of time invites hatred and criticism from the public, ‘Homeland’ is still one of the many few series that Showtime did not consider discontinuing in the meantime.

From many of the things that kept people contented with the fact that the show has been running for quite a long time, one is that its makers kept a number of different major characters hidden from the viewers since the very beginning of the show to be revealed later on in the coming time at different stages of the show one by one.

They have skipped a number of important roles and mysteries unanswered in the meantime. In spite of all the troubles this series had to face till today, we had seen that the prime aim of their characters was accomplished by the makers. Eventually, they are able to figure out some new and interesting mission for the main protagonists to work on which gives thrills to the viewers each and every time.

But there are many viewers out there who are still of the opinion that the makers of the show have been successful in making it completely awesome till now and its each and every episode is worthy enough which gives complete justice to the fact that the show was even able to make it till the eighth season.

Many fans also consider that the people all around the globe would be able to make it relate to their life directly or indirectly as the show is based on an individual’s willingness and strength to resist, deal and beat the world today which is based on various foreign policies.

Is Showtime done with ‘Homeland’?

The moment when the eighth season of ‘Homeland’ was declared as the last one by Showtime, the hopes of many fans were shattered as they loved the series and were expecting the latter to run for longer. Moreover, if the show was actually able to gain a considerable amount of popularity again even with the eighth season, then why would Showtime bother cancelling it?

The ending of the last episode of the finale season was phenomenal which makes the fans desire for more. For now, there is no certain report that points towards the renewal of the series by Showtime.

It might be possible that the concept of the series is taken over by another broadcasting network giant to release it with a new lot of cast members and a brand new plot.

To make it simplified to the readers, in the circumstances if the series is renewed, there are two probabilities that either Showtime would have to continue with the current storyline in the ninth season or any other broadcasting network would adapt the concept of the series to make a completely brand new season out of it.

In the current scenario, there seems no possibility that Showtime would revive the series anytime soon. So we would like to advise all the fans to not to consider all the leaks, rumours and spoilers related to the ninth season of ‘Homeland’ seriously. All we can do is just wait until any official report, update or announcement comes out in the media.


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