Hostgator Black Friday 2016 Sale & Web Hosting Deals Upto 80% Off: Cyber Monday Coupon Codes

Hostgator Black Friday 2016 Sale
Hostgator Black Friday 2016 Sale / deal

Hostgator Black Friday 2016 Sale: Hostgator is one of the leading web hosting companies like Bluehost. The majority of its customers trust its services. There are hundreds of thousands of people using Hostgator hosting since years now. A significant proportion of them is happy with its quality.

That’s the reason why this hosting company is garnering a large number of customers on a daily basis. Those who are looking for a site or using servers for their projects, there is good news for them. The Hostgator Black Friday sale 2016 will be live soon on November 25. It will be 3-4 days events at least till Cyber Monday 2016.

Hostgator Black Friday 2016

Thus, you can save big and choose from the favorite hosting plan (package). Now, what you need to do is to click on the links (button to activate the deal) present below. This way, the discount will be automatically applied to your cart (account) while checking out.

Using this offer, you can save many dollars as the deal gives you. This is a huge discount and is offered only on the Black Friday day. So, you will have to make sure you grab this offer if you want to start some online business else it will get out of the window.

How to Get HostGator Black Friday Sale 2016?

  1. The first step is to click on the following link or click on the below button for offer activation.
  2. It will redirect you to Hostgator official website. You can select the desired hosting plan there.
  3. After selecting the package, click on “Sign Up Now” button present there.
  4. Then, fill up the asked and required details like your domain name, username, etc.
  5. After that click on “Checkout Now” button. And You are done with it.

What HostGator Black Friday 2016 Sale offers to customers?

This is the very basic question people/consumers have in their mind when they see something available at a very low cost. But, we will let you know here what’s it about.

HostGator has already proved its worth by hosting millions of websites. It is one of the best web hosting provider out there giving best services to its consumers.

Today, on the occasion of 2016 Black Friday, HostGator is offering discounts up to flat 80% on all the hosting plans (packages). Take a look below for complete information.

HostGator Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2016 sales info:

Note: 12 am- These sales will be live From Friday, November 25 2 am CST to Monday, November 28th 11:59 pm CST.

The new customers (use not already registered email ids with HostGator) will get 75% off on all hosting packages as well as $5.99 .com and .net domains.

Coupon / Promo Codes for Hostgator Black Friday 2016 & Cyber Monday:


  • Date: 11/25/16 – First Sale on Black Friday

12am-1 am CST: Coupon code: BF2016FLASH

10am-11am CST: Coupon Code BF2016FLASH2

3pm-4pm CST: Coupon Code: BF2016FLASH3

5pm-6pm CST: Coupon Code: BF2016FLASH4


  • Date: 11/26/16 – Second sale on Saturday

3am-4am CST: Coupon Code: SAT2016FLASH

12pm-1pm CST: Coupon Code: SAT2016FLASH2

6pm-7pm  CST: Coupon Code: SAT2016FLASH3


  • Date: 11/27/15. – Third sale on Sunday

2am-3am  CST: Coupon Code: SUN2016FLASH

11am-12pm CST: Coupon Code: SUN2016FLASH2

8pm-9pm CST: Coupon Code: SUN2016FLASH3


  • Date:  11/28/15. – – Fourth and last sale on Cyber Monday

12am-1am CST: Coupon Code: CM2016FLASH

12pm-1pm CST: Coupon Code: CM2016FLASH2

3pm-4pm CST: Coupon Code: CM2016FLASH3

8pm-9pm CST: Coupon Code: CM2016FLASH4

NOTE: These sales are applicable and valid just for new customers. You will need to create a new account with HostGator. The deal won’t work with old accounts with the company. So, register with a new email id and grab the sale.

Hostgator Discount on Black Friday: The Best Sale of 2016

Use the Hostgator Black Friday Coupon Link and get fantastic deals on hosting sales this November. It sports admirable features with every package you pick.

Here we have the list of its features which you will get irrespective of Shared Hosting (Baby, Hatchling, Business), VPS, Cloud, or Dedicated Servers.

  • 24*7 Support available ( Chat, Call, Emails, etc.)
  • Unlimited Disk space,
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Bandwidth.
  • Advertising credits.(Adwords 100$).
  • $100 Yahoo!/Bing Credit
  • 1000’s of free themes from the default.
  • Easy to use Control Panel.
  • 1-Click installation tool.
  • 45 days Money back guarantee
  • Affordability: Totally Affordable Price.

HostGator Plans

#1. Shared Hosting Plans

  • Hatchling Plan at $1.39/mo
  • Baby Plan at $1.99/mo
  • Business Plan at $2.99/mo

#2. Managed WordPress Hosting Plans

  • Blog Plan at $2.99/mo
  • Business Plan ( Recommended ) at $6.39/mo
  • PRO Plan at $18.39/mo

#3. Reseller Hosting Plans with Cpanel & WHM

  • Aluminium Plan at $4.99/mo
  • Copper Plan at $6.99/mo
  • Silver Plan at $9.99/mo
  • Gold Plan at $14.99/mo
  • Diamond Plan at $19.99/mo

#4. VPS Hosting Plans

  • Snappy 500 at $3.99/mo
  • Snappy 1000 at $17.99/mo
  • Snappy 2000 at $25.99/mo
  • Snappy 4000 at $33.99/mo
  • Snappy 8000 at $39.99/mo

#5. Dedicated Hosting Plans at $35/mo

Hostgator Black Friday 2016 Sale / deal

Which Hosting Plan You Should Take? Discussion!

This is Hostgator Black Friday 2016 Sale. If you are confused which Hostgator web hosting plan you should pick this Black Friday, then let’s have a short discussion regarding it.

Selecting the right hosting plan is the first step towards setting up an excellent site/blog. It’s of the utmost importance. If you didn’t pick the right plan, then you end up paying more bucks in future. So, to escape such a situation, quickly identify your current need and future requirements. This way, you will save some bucks, at least, in the future.

Case 1: For who are just starting their blogging career, they can pick up Hostgator Hatchling or Baby Plan. In the future, when you start receiving a continuous and high number of visitors, then you may got for Business plan.

Hatchling plan will enable you to host just a site on your hosting account. However, I will recommend you to go for Baby plan in case you want to host some more sites. This is HostGator Black Friday sale, so you won’t have to pay the regular fee. I hope you are understanding what I am trying to convey you.

Case 2: If you are into some small business or even a large (local) one and you just need a single site to host and there is no need for more sites in future, then go for Hostgator Hatchling plan. It will host just a single site. The server will handle the traffic for small local businesses.

Case 3: If you are a somewhat experienced blogger and have sites with much traffic on a daily basis, then go for Business plan at least. If you can afford, take VPS plan.

Case 4: If you are getting millions of hits per day, then you must go either with VPS or Dedicated hosting plans as per your needs and requirements to handle such a high traffic.

Now, you must get clear what are going to purchase this Black Friday (2016). It’s time to move to next section Why You Should Choose HostGator over other hosting companies.

Why HostGator?

By this time, you should have understood the importance and significance of this company in the field of hosting. With its excellent services, it has built a lot of trust and reputation. That’s why you should opt for it, the right way.

In case, you are still interested to know the positive points regarding it, then take a look below.

Reliable and High Speed Servers

Hostgator provides fast loading servers with a guarantee of which we can rely easily on without any second thought. They promise 99.99% uptime. Thus, their quality is top notch, and there is no point of arguing.

Moreover, you can practically check their quality yourself. You just to purchase the Baby plan using Black Friday 2016 deal/sale. Check its speed and reliability. If at any point of time, you feel that you are getting ditched or not getting what you were promised, simply cancel the plan and ask for refund. Hostgator has a 45 day money back guarantee policy. All you will need to do is to fill a cancellation form and you will get your money back in a definite period of time.

It’s the best and full proof idea. Isn’t it?

Hostgator Pros

  • One click CMS installation: It means you can easily install any content management systems like WordPress, etc. with just a single click.
  • Plans with perfect pricing and loaded with impressive features, primarily offers like Hostgator Black Friday 2016 help you save big.
  • The Support Staff/ Customer Care is friendly and skillful.
  • Online and email/ticket support are available.
  • Easy to use Control Panel.
  • Host unlimited websites with unlimited bandwidth and disk space.

What Do Others Say About HostGator (Reviews)?

We can sense what you are probably feeling at this point of time. The title generates curiosity. Without any second thought, it is obvious what people feel when they invest their hard earned.

It is also apparent that no one wants to waste his money in any crap/stupid service or product.

It’s your money, and that’s why you have got the complete right to know full details what and where you are investing money. You have the question if is it worthwhile?

Going all through the article on this page, you have got yourself cleared that HostGator is a trustworthy web hosting company. So, grab one for yourself a Hostgator Black Friday sale.

They are trustworthy and never let your down or feel that you have made a mistake by investing money and time in there by choosing them. They will support you at every moment and keep yourself in your comfort zone.

Moreover, they will keep you safe and secure.

We have all the proofs to support our statement. Following are the awards, it has been awarded over the time for their service and support quality.

  • #2 Best Web Hosting – Find My Host 2012\
  • Best Host – WordPress Hosting Review 2012
  • Best Transfer Service – 2011 Best Free Website Transfer Service
  • Best Small Business Hosting 2011

239th Fastest Growing – Fastest Growing Companies in America

Hostgator has won so many awards for their incredible web hosting services. We have listed only a few of them. You can see rest on their official website.

Below is the detail regarding the above awards.

Award #1 – HostGator (HG) was awarded this in 2012 for being the number two in the list of best web hosting. It was given by findmy

Award #2 – Hostgator got the Best Host award in 2012 by

Award #3 – It won for its Free website transfer service and was awarded by

Award #4 – It won for being the Best Small Business Hosting and awarded it the same.

Award #5 – listed HostGator as the 239th fastest growing company in the USA.

45 Days Money Back Guarantee

Did it happen to you? Did you come across a situation where you invested money, and the service/product turned out to be a waste?

Well, it has happened with us many times.

It may happen with any of us due to several reasons. One of them maybe the product is just waste of time or not helping us in our project or any other reason.

Everyone can come across such a situation. However, we can avoid this particular situation with HostGator 45 money back guarantee policy.

Meanwhile, we can assure you that you won’t face any situation with HostGator.


It’s because their services are awesome. Still, if you feel that it is not benefiting you, then you can cancel the package and ask for the refund. They will give it without any hesitation.

So, there is no risk of losing your money.

HostGator gives #1 priority to Customer Satisfaction. Thus, you don’t need to worry regarding your money. It won’t go waste in any situation. Just purchase the hosting using Hostgator Black Friday 2016 sale. If you feel, it isn’t made for your needs, then just cancel it within first 45 days. Hostgator will refund money completely.

Note : – The refund policy is meant for shared, reseller, and VPS hosting. It doesn’t apply to dedicated servers, administrative feels, install fees for custom software (if any), and domain name purchases.

Transferring From Another Host?

If you have planned to move/shift/transfer your website from the old host to newly purchased Hostgator hosting plan, then HostGator team will support you. They will transfer it for free of cost for you.

Hostgator has a dedicated migration team. It will transfer and configure to optimally perform on their platform.

If you are a newbie in the field of website transferring and don’t have enough knowledge regarding it, then order HostGator team to do it for yours. They will do it in a short span of time.

Click to Grab 80% Discount Here.

So, What are you waiting for now? Go Grab the Hostgator Black Friday deal. Hurry Up!!!

This is my honest HostGator review. Now, click on the link provided on this page and save some bucks on the hosting. Hostgator Black Friday 2016 sale is just for very few days. Take advantage of it at the earliest.

All you need is to activate the deal using the link provided above. This way, you won’t be required to enter the coupon code manually. The Hostgator Black Friday coupon will be activated automatically.

Don’t forget to share this page on social media sites. Feel free to share your reviews of web hosting companies with us via commenting below.


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