Jimmy Bell Funeral Service will take place soon after the family and Rangers FC decide on Jimmy Bell Obituary. 57-Year-Old Jimmy was the kit man for Rangers. He served 40 years as a kit man. (check: Jimmy Bell death cause.)

Jimmy Bell was popular among Rangers FC, and he was part of every big tournament the team played. Having Jimmy’s presence in the show was a big deal for Rangers FC. Jimmy Bell remained the center of attraction as the team climbed charts.

When Team Players learned of the tragic news, they were struck hard. They rushed to extend their heartfelt condolences to his family so that they would feel comforted in their grief.


Jimmy was considered a cult hero among Rangers Fans. His presence used to woo commenters now and then. He was a key team member for more than 30 years. Since he dedicated his life work to the Scottish team, all the team players and managers went to pay him tribute.

Jimmy Bell Obituary

Jimmy Bell Obituary will be released soon in Public. Since his funeral would be a public business, it’s expected that the old managers of Rangers FC would be invited.

Known for his strong work ethic and connections worldwide, Kit Man played an important role in leading his team to success. He was the go-to guy who helped many new members accommodate the club.


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Jimmy Bell was a perfect fit for the Rangers. He stood for everything important to the club and fans. No doubt his passing won’t create any difference in their culture & traditions. Many players who were earlier players for Rangers FC are expressing about Jimmy Bell, the guy who taught them about the club and the expectations.

Jimmy Bell Funeral Service

Funeral Service for Jimmy Bell will happen soon. It’s expected that the Funeral Service will take place either on Wednesday or Thursday. Since RP Leipzig will play Rangers on Friday for Europa League, the service should be prioritized before the match.


It’s expected that Rangers FC will dedicate the upcoming match to Jimmy Bell, the guy who remained part of Rangers for more than 30 years.

A stalwart of the club shows that you don’t need to play for the club to be a legend. A man who dedicated over 30 years to Rangers – held the utmost respect from all at the club despite being the kit man. Jimmy had more experience than any other manager in the club.

Name Jimmy Bell
Net worth 700,000 USD (Estimated)
Salary 200,000 USD (Estimated)
Birthdate  08 Oct 1964
Birthplace Scotland



We are all saddened by Jimmy Bell’s tragic death. Our thoughts are with his family as we honor his life and grieve with them. We will do our best to help them during this difficult time. We will pray for his soul to rest in peace in Paradise.

When it was announced that Jimmy Bell had passed away, many people expressed their sorrow and grief at the news. Many of his friends and family were devastated by the tragedy. People around the world were in tears at the sudden loss of a talented man who had influenced millions of lives.

News of Jimmy Bell’s death brought shock, sadness, and tears from his family, friends, and fans. They were devastated to find out that he had an accident and died as a result. However, they have received support from everyone who knew Jimmy personally or through the media. Jimmy’s work was also highly acclaimed and respected by many artists worldwide. He will be missed by his family, friends, fans, and everyone who watched him on the pitch.



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