Kasautii Zindagii Kay Season 2 22nd February 2019 Episode Written Update: Anurag is humiliating Prerna in front of everyone

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 24th March 2020 Written Update: Prerna meets a small girl and feels connected to her!
Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 24th March 2020 Written Update: Prerna meets a small girl and feels connected to her!

The episode begins with Anupam questioning Anurag about his feelings for Prerna. Anurag says that he doesn’t want to talk with Anupam and gets busy in dressing up. Anupam asks Anurag that why is he doing all this and breaking such a beautiful relation with Prerna. Anupam says that Anurag is doing all this just for the business and Prerna’s house and it’s the only reason that he has said a yes to marry Komolika. (Check: Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 written updates.)

Anurag says that he can’t see Prerna losing and in the problem so he can sacrifice his love. Anurag says that Prerna’s house is everything for her as she was about to marry Naveen just for her house. Anurag says he can buy her a new house, but her house is the place where Rajesh uncle used to live so Prerna couldn’t see her mother break down if their house gets taken from them.

Anurag says that he loves Prerna and will love forever. Anurag says that he has promised to Moloy to protect Prerna and her family no matter if he would have to spoil him for her. Anupam says that Prerna couldn’t forget him. Anurag says that if someone breaks anyone’s heart so it becomes easy to forgive that person.

kasautii zindagii kay 2 22nd february 2019 Written Update
kasautii zindagii kay 2 22nd february 2019 Written Update

Anupam says that Prerna loves Anurag a lot and can’t hate him. Anurag says that she will hate him now and leaves. Prerna is running to meet Anurag. She is asking the taxi driver to drop her soon. Prerna is stuck in the traffic jam. She gets down and starts running to reach Anurag’s house.

Nivedita gives Anurag’s hand in Komolika’s hand. Komolika is getting clicked with Anurag. Anurag recalls his memories with Prerna. Prerna falls down outside Anurag’s house. She is really broken down and gets up to move inside.

Anurag is about to put the ring on Komolika’s finger, but Prerna asks them to stop. Prerna comes in and is shocked to see this. Prerna says that she thought everyone is forcing Anurag to get engaged with Komolika. Prerna says to Anurag that he has promised to be with her. Prerna shows him the thread which he has given to her and is crying badly.

Prerna says that she can’t live without him and he can’t do this with her. Prerna asks what has happened and did she say anything wrong to him! Prerna folds her hands and says a sorry asking Anurag not to go from her life. Prerna begs in front of him to not leave her. Komolika interrupts and says that don’t harass Anurag.

Komolika asks Prerna to leave. Prerna removes Komolika’s ring and says that she won’t let this engagement happen. Prerna says to Anurag that he loves her and has promised her mother to marry her.

Mohini is getting angry. Prerna says that Anurag can’t betray her and marry Komolika. Prerna says that Anurag has promised her and her mother to get married to her. Mohini holds Prerna and says that she is creating a mess. Mohini apologizes from Chaubhey that Anurag has never loved this girl.

Mohini says that it is just Prerna’s dream and Anurag isn’t responsible for it. Mohini shouts at Prerna that Anurag can’t fall in love with a maid. Prerna asks Anurag to speak something. Mohini says that speak Anurag and stop anything which is wrong.

Mohini asks Anurag to speak in front of everyone that this girl is having bad intentions for him and is speaking a lie. Mohini holds Prerna’s hand and asks her to get out. Anurag says that stop it as he wants Prerna. Anurag thinks that this is the right time to make Prerna forget him forever and hate him.

Anurag moves forward to talk with Prerna. Anurag asks her to take her hand ahead and she gets happy. Prerna shows her hand to him and Anurag puts the ring on Prerna’s hand. Prerna says that this ring is small as it was made for Komolika. Anurag says that this ring is not for Prerna but for Komolika. Anupam thinks that Anurag is not doing right.

Anurag says to Mohini that he just wants to take the ring from Prerna’s hand as it is expensive and a solitaire. Anurag says that if this ring gets lost, then these poor people like Prerna have the ring and then apologizes that they lost the ring. Prerna says that Anurag confessed his love for her.

Anurag starts humiliating Prerna that she was just a small employee and says that Mohini is correct to behave with the servants like them only. Prerna’s eyes get filled with tears. Anurag says that Prerna should see her face in the mirror that Basu publications’ son can’t fall in love with a servant.

Anurag says that Prerna doesn’t even have any status, class, and mind to be with him. He says that she is just a zero. Anurag says on the rose day in college, many girls were coming to him as they want to be with him and Prerna was standing aside saying that she is not interested in Anurag.

He says that it was the time when he decides to make Prerna fall for him once. Anurag says that Komolika is a perfect match for him. Prerna is getting emotional and crying badly. Anurag says that for money Prerna got ready to marry Naveen so he already knew that she could go to any extent to get Anurag. Prerna slaps Anurag.

Precap: Prerna says to Anurag that he won’t get her love anyhow in life. Prerna gets hurt and Anurag holds her hand. But Prerna shouts at Anurag not to touch her. Prerna is crying badly!


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