Kawach Mahashivratri 11th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Prem hits Aastha with a bottle

Kawach Mahashivratri 19th October 2019 Written Update: Bhau attacks Kartik!
Kawach Mahashivratri 19th October 2019 Written Update: Bhau attacks Kartik!

The episode begins with Angad and servant holding Jolly as he is speaking that she has returned. The servant puts injection on Jolly to make him sleep. Sandhya hugs Prem that nothing will happen to him. Sandhya asks him not to enter this room again and takes away Prem with her. (Check: Kawach Written Updates.)

Everyone leaves from there. Sakshi comes to Jolly and says that he is right since she has returned. She says that she will come daily and torture him. She breaks his hand’s bone. Usha denies Vinayak to meet Prem and leaves with everyone. Aji consoles Vinayak as he is crying badly. Sandhya takes Prem to Aastha’s room.

Sandhya shows him that he has a small sister also. Prem plays with a toy car with Sandhya. Prem gets scared after seeing in the mirror. Sandhya takes him to look in the mirror without getting scared. The servant put a bandage on Jolly’s hand since his bone is broken.

Kawach Mahashivratri 11th August 2019 Written Update
Kawach Mahashivratri 11th August 2019 Written Update

Angad’s father says that he is having the punishment for his crime. Angad hears from Jolly’s mouth since he is speaking that she has returned. Sandhya takes Prem to the bathroom and asks him to stand up. Sandhya takes him to the water to make him a bath, but he is scared of water.

Sandhya cleans his hands in the bathroom. Sandhya’s family comes to meet Prem. Malini says to Angad that if the kid hurts Aastha, then she can’t bear it.

Sandhya makes Prem ready with the new clothes. She combs his hair and gives him his doll. Prem puts his hand on her face and she gets emotional. Malini and Angad also come there. Angad gets happy to see Prem. Malini says that he will not change since he is an animal. Prem gets scared and hides under the bed.

Malini leaves and Angad goes to talk with her. Sandhya asks Prem to come out as no one is there now. Sandhya is preparing food in the kitchen. Usha says to her that she wants to meet Prem. Sandhya says that Prem is scared so when he will be normal, then she can meet him.

Sandhya says that Prem is not normal and he has made some mistakes so everyone hates him. Usha says that the priest also told her that the child will come with huge problems in her life.

Aastha comes in her room and looks at Prem playing with a car which returns itself. Aastha introduces her as his little sister and gives him a new ball. Aastha starts playing with him with the ball. Prem gets scared to see Sakshi behind and ask her to leave. Aastha denies that she will not leave. Prem hits her with a bottle.

Aastha starts crying and runs outside the room. Aastha says to everyone that she got hurt. Sandhya takes her to put medicine on her wound. Malini says that she warned Angad about Prem and she can’t let him stay in the house.

Angad shouts at Prem that why did he hit Aastha? Sandhya asks him not to shout since he is already scared. Sandhya takes Angad to talk with him.

Sandhya says that both are their children so they need to handle them. Angad denies accepting that Prem is not their children. Sandhya says that he is like this because he was all alone. Angad says that he can’t see Aastha crying. Angad says that if Aastha gets hurt again, then he will throw Prem outside the house.

Aastha comes there to stop the fighting. Angad changes the topic and leaves with Aastha. Sakshi holds Prem’s hand and questions whether he wants to live here? Prem says yes. Sakshi says that he can live here, but it is not his house and Aastha is not her sister. Sakshi says that Sandhya is not her mother. Sakshi recites a lorry for Prem to make him sleep.

Sandhya goes to check Prem and looks at him sleeping. She closes the lights and the door. Sakshi is standing just behind her, but Sandhya can’t see her. Rekha (a new character) draws the whole incident related to Sandhya’s sketch on the board without seeing it. She talks with her mother that someone might need her.

Aastha gives a list of gifts for her birthday to Sandhya. Aastha has written all the toys for boys so she will give it to Prem. Sandhya question that she is not upset with Prem. Aastha says that she got hurt while playing.

Buaji and the servant were taking Jolly for the X-ray but he runs away to Prem’s room. He gets inside his room and locks the door. He starts apologizing and asks Prem to talk with her. Buaji informs everyone that Jolly has gone to Prem’s room. Sandhya and everyone run to Prem’s room.

Jolly asks Prem to talk with her so that she forgives him. Sakshi comes over there and Prem hides in the cupboard. Sakshi says that she will punish Jolly.

Sandhya and everyone try to talk with Jolly to open the gate. Angad tries to break the gate and opens it. Jolly is lying there and apologizing. Sandhya gets worried about Prem and finds him in the wardrobe. Sandhya says to Angad that he is scared so she will handle him. Sandhya checks Prem’s body and he is cold.

Prem recalls when Sakshi told him not to be with Sandhya so he tries to leave her. Rekha draws Sandhya’s sketch with Prem. She says that she doesn’t know about them, but they need her. She says that she has to reach him as he can’t come to her.

Precap: Angad says to Sandhya that Prem should not do anything on Aastha’s birthday. Sakshi makes Malini fall from the stairs and Sandhya was passing behind her. Malini says to Angad that Sandhya made her fall down. Angad says that Sandhya can’t do anything like this. Malini asks Angad to throw out Prem from the house. Sandhya hears everything and gets worried!


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