Kawach Mahashivratri 13th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Sandhya become aware of return of Kapil and Kashti’s spirit

Kawach Mahashivratri 15th September 2019 Written Update: Malini shocks to see Angad as a vampire
Kawach Mahashivratri 15th September 2019 Written Update: Malini shocks to see Angad as a vampire

The episode begins with Sandhya learning about the truth that Kapil is controlling Angad. Sandhya starts praying from Lord Shiv about everything. She recalls that she has reached the letter with the help of Lord Shiv’s Naag so it can’t be any prank. She prays to Lord Shiva for protecting them. (Check: Kawach Written Updates.)

Dev comes there and questions Sandhya why is she crying? Sandhya thinks whether she should trust Dev or not. Buaji comes there and says to Sandhya to stay away from her son and takes Dev with her. Sandhya thinks that she will find the truth and prays to Lord Shiv to help her.

Manoj is talking with Bhairvi that he is not coming to the party. Manoj says that he is leaving for abroad. He advises her also to leave the place. Bhairvi cuts the call. The winds start blowing and the door gets close to trap Manoj. A box falls down from the cupboard on his leg and he gets unconscious.

Kawach Mahashivratri 13th July 2019 Written Update
Kawach Mahashivratri 13th July 2019 Written Update

Kapil is talking with the lady’s spirit that he is going to the hospital to check Angad’s mother. Sandhya comes to her home and looks at Pratibha fighting with a driver. Usha and every one also come there. The driver said that last night, Pratibha booked his taxi to go to the Shiv Mandir but she didn’t return back.

Pratibha says that she didn’t go anywhere. Usha gives him the money. Angad comes home with his mother for the anniversary party. He questions about Sandhya from his family. Buaji says that his wife doesn’t say anything before leaving. Angad questions from Dev about Sandhya but Dev says that he doesn’t know anything.

Sandhya informs her family that Angad is in Kapil’s control. Sandhya’s Aaji tells her that she is calling Pandit Ji but he didn’t give any reply from the last few days. Sandhya says that she will go herself to the village.

Vinayak calls everyone outside that Angad has come. Angad questions what has happened? Usha says that they were thinking to buy a gift for the anniversary, so thinking to go for shopping with Sandhya. Angad says that he also wants to buy a gift for mom-dad so they can go together for shopping.

Vinayak asks everyone to make Angad sit down first. Sandhya comes out with Lord Shiv’s Prashad to test Angad. He looks at it and gets worried. Sandhya says that she was doing prayer and gives Prashad to Angad. He says that she can eat for his part as he has kept fast for his Mom-Dad’s anniversary.

Sandhya says to Angad that he can drink Ganga Jal since it is the purest thing. Angad holds the Ganga Jal from Sandhya’s hand without touching it and makes Sandhya drink it. Angad says that is she is pure, then he is also pure. Angad asks to go for shopping and Sandhya’s key fall down.

Manoj was running from the hospital, but Bhairvi consoles him down that there is nothing. Manoj says that they have returned and Jolly comes there. Jolly questions why were they fighting? Bhairvi changes the topic and says that he has fallen down so got hurt. Jolly says that he has come to give them an invitation to the anniversary party.

Jolly leaves with Bhairvi for the party since Manoj can’t go with the broken leg. Manoj looks at the lady’s spirit, but it gets disappeared. Usha says to Pratibha that Sandhya has got the proof. Vinayak questions what has happened? Usha starts crying and says that Angad is in control of Kapil. Akhil also gets shocked to hear it.

Malini recalls everything happened at the home and gets shocked. Angad comes to her and questions whether she is fine or not? Malini looks at Kapil’s face in Angad. Sandhya also comes there and questions mother-in-law whether she is fine or not? Angad asks Sandhya to bring water for her.

Malini tries to run from there, but Kapil says that she can’t reveal anything. Sandhya comes into the room with the water. Angad says that he was just giving massage to Mom. Sandhya asks Angad to check the arrangements. Kapil looks at the watch that it is about to be 3 so he will come out from Angad’s clock.

Sandhya says to her mother-in-law that she knew everything now and will handle it. Kapil runs into the room as he is about to come out from Angad’s body. Sandhya questions what has happened, but he runs away. Sandhya comes to the room and looks at Angad. Sandhya says that he is having a very high fever and Angad hugs her.

The priest gives a book to Sandhya’s Aaji as Guru Ji told him to give it to Sandhya if anything happens to him. He says that Sandhya will find a way to fight with the spirits. Sandhya’s Aaji opens it, but can’t find anything written. The priest says that only Sandhya will be able to read it and not anyone else.

Sandhya questions Angad whether he is fine or not? Angad says that nothing has happened. Sandhya looks at Angad in the mirror and gets happy to see him. Sandhya says that Kapil is not in him. Angad pushes her and apologizes as she got hurt. Angad says that he can’t be with her and throws her out to close the door.

Sandhya asks him to open the door and both of them are crying. Sandhya takes kerosene oil from the kitchen. Sandhya says that he is doing it to save her so she will die now and throws kerosene oil all over her. She burns the matchstick.

Precap: Sandhya says to Angad that everyone is wearing Rudraksha so nothing will happen. Sandhya’s Aaji gives the book to Sandhya. Rishi comes there to hit Angad with a gun, but Sandhya comes in front of him and gets hurt!


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