Kawach Mahashivratri 14th September 2019 Written Episode Update: The evil spirit enters inside Angad’s body!

Kawach Mahashivratri 19th October 2019 Written Update: Bhau attacks Kartik!
Kawach Mahashivratri 19th October 2019 Written Update: Bhau attacks Kartik!

The episode begins with everyone coming with Ruhi to check what she has seen under the bed! Angad and Kartik check the room but can’t find anyone. Ruhi says that she has checked under the bed and the eyes were staring at her. Angad says that she might have some bad dream. (Check: Kawach Written Updates.)

Rekha says that any bad spirit can’t enter the house as it is protected by Suraksha Kawach. Sandhya and Prem perform Aarti. Prem is looking at the Prashad to eat it. Sandhya says that no one will get the Halwa as Lord Shiv will eat it all. Prem says that Lord Shiv will become fat after eating all the Halwa.


Sandhya gives it to Prem and he gets happy after eating it. Sandhya says to Angad that she has kept Prashad in the room. Sandhya was leaving, but Angad holds her from behind. Angad tries to come close to her, but Malini calls Sandhya and she leaves from there. Angad touches the Halwa but his hands got burnt.

Kawach Mahashivratri 14th September 2019 Written Update: Evil Spirit Enters Angad's body
Kawach Mahashivratri 14th September 2019 Written Update: Evil Spirit Enters Angad’s body

Kartik and Rekha are searching about Bhau on the internet but can’t find anything. Sandhya gives Prashad to them. Sandhya says that they should search for people who have suffered from the evil spirits like them.


Someone knocks on the door and Ruhi opens the gate. Ruhi looks at Vishal standing outside the house. Vishal gets inside the house and questions about the drawn image. Ruhi says that it is a Suraksha Kawach for bad spirits. Vishal crosses it and starts acting weirdly. Ruhi gets shocked to look at him.

Ruhi questions what has happened to him? Vishal says that he has come again to kill her. Vishal holds Ruhi’s neck to kill her. Sandhya, Rekha, and Kartik come over there. Vishal says that he was just kidding to make them laugh. Malini calls Sandhya and she leaves from there.


Ruhi says to Vishal that he should stop in their house and then she will teach him how to scare someone! Prem comes to Angad’s room to play with his ball. Angad is getting ready. Prem looks at the Halwa and eats it. Prem gets shocked to see some marks on the furniture and shows to Angad.

Angad touches the mark and his body starts feeling a current. Ruhi says that Vishal has come downstairs. Angad asks Ruhi to take Prem to his room and send Sandhya and Rekha.

Sandhya says that these marks would have been before Rekha created Suraksha Kawach. Rekha touches the mark and calls the person who has put these marks. Rekha goes in the past time to check who has made the marks. Rekha gets hit by someone and her hands start bleeding with the marks.

Rekha gets unconscious and her hand gets covered with the marks. Rekha says that he was in the room. Sandhya questions who is she talking about? Rekha looks at the mark and they disappear. Rekha says that there is some bad spirit who is very powerful. Rekha says that the spirit is in the house.

Rekha says that the spirit is hidden inside one of us. Rekha says that they will make everyone drink Ganga Jal and enter the temple so they will get to know about the spirit. Sandhya gathers everyone to drink Ganga Jal and enter the Mandir. Everyone does the same. When Angad’s turn comes, Ruhi looks at the Kawach getting gold.

Ruhi shows everyone that the Kawach is showing light. The gate opens and winds start blowing in the house. Everyone goes to look at it and a crow comes over there. The crows get destroyed with the Suraksha Kawach.

Rekha says that the crows were indicating that someone is soon coming. Sandhya says that it means no one has the spirit in them. Angad says that he has not drunk the Ganga Jal and drinks it in front of everyone. Sandhya gets happy that nothing has happened to Angad. Rekha’s condition starts getting worse. Angad throws away the Ganga Jal.

Rekha’s body starts paining badly and everyone gets shocked to see her. Rekha hits on Sandhya’s hand with the marks. Angad says that Rekha has a bad spirit in her. Kartik and everyone tie Rekha. Rekha says that she is not under anyone’s control. Vishal says that they are not doing good and he will call the police.

Kartik shouts at him that he can call the police. Vishal and Kartik get into a fight. Sandhya and Angad control them. Sandhya asks everyone to take rest as she is with Rekha. Rekha says that there is nothing inside of her body.

Angad questions Sandhya whether anything has happened? Sandhya says that they should remove the ropes. Kartik says that Rekha’s spirit speaks all things good. Sandhya says that they can lock her in a room. Sandhya says to Angad and Kartik that she has called the doctor and priest.

The priests get stuck in the jungle and hide after hearing some noises. The priests try to run away but get stuck by some spirits.

The doctor checks Rekha and says that she might have hit by an allergy so will be fine soon. Rekha says to Sandhya that there is no one inside her body. Sandhya questions what has happened to her? Rekha says that the spirit is playing with them to show that she is attacked with the spirit.

Someone comes with the chains and hammer to hit the priests. Ruhi says to Kartik that the priests are not picking up the call. Angad’s eyes turn yellow and his body starts paining. His nails become big. Kartik gets shocked to know that the priests are being hit badly by someone and their body parts are broken.

Rekha starts finding the person who has come inside the house with the spirit. Sandhya is also with her. Rekha says that someone bad is about to happen.

Precap: Rekha says to Sandhya to check everyone in the house. Angad becomes a bad spirit and hits everyone badly. Kartik shot a gun towards Rekha!



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