Kawach Mahashivratri 17th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Sakshi hits Malini down the stairs!

Kawach Mahashivratri 19th October 2019 Written Update: Bhau attacks Kartik!
Kawach Mahashivratri 19th October 2019 Written Update: Bhau attacks Kartik!

The episode begins with Usha says to Sandhya that it is bad Prem’s blood pressure became too low and is worried that Jolly Fufaji might have done anything with Prem. Sandhya says that Jolly Fufaji might remember everything and he would also know the reason behind why Sakshi hates her! (Check: Kawach Written Updates.)

Sandhya says that she wants to know the answer. Kartik denies Shobha to go her home for the delivery as Prem is not normal. The servant brings back Jolly from the hospital. Sandhya questions Jolly Fufaji about the reason behind her sister’s hatred for her.

Angad says that he became violent in the hospital so the doctor gave him a high dose and he can’t react. Angad and Sandhya take Aastha downstairs to celebrate her birthday with everyone. Prem looks at everyone by hiding. Aastha denies cutting the cake without Prem. Malini says that Prem’s health is not good so he has slept.

Kawach Mahashivratri 17th August 2019 Written Update
Kawach Mahashivratri 17th August 2019 Written Update

Everyone celebrates her birthday and Prem is looking at the cake by hiding from there. Sandhya looks at Prem hiding behind and gets emotional for her. Sandhya takes a piece of cake for Prem and looks at him trying to celebrate alone like everyone. Sandhya gives him the cake and puts a candle for him.

Prem blows the candle and Sandhya gives him a cake to eat. Sandhya says to Prem that they will celebrate his birthday also after 15 days. Sandhya says that they will call a joker also but Prem doesn’t know who is a joker so Sandhya becomes a joker to make him laugh. Sakshi comes behind her and Prem gets worried.

Prem runs to his bed to sleep. Sandhya can’t see Sakshi over there. Sandhya gets worried about Prem that he gets scared and hide. Aastha wakes up in the night to give her gifts to Prem. Aastha goes to Prem’s room and looks at a car moving without anyone. Aastha pulls the car forward and it returns to her.

Aastha gets shocked to see Sakshi over there. Sakshi says that she will not hurt her and she looks like her mother. Sakshi says that she is Prem’s friend so she can also become her friend. Aastha says a yes. Sakshi asks her not to tell anyone about her. Sakshi thinks that she will snatch Sandhya’s daughter from her.

Rekha (a new character) gets the address of Sandhya’s house and leaves for Mumbai. Sandhya makes Aastha get ready and asks her to stay in the room as Angad will call her when Pooja gets started. Sandhya says that she is going to Prem as he might be alone. Aastha says that he might be with his special friend.

Sandhya question who is the special friend? Sakshi comes over there and signs Aastha not to tell her. Ruhi calls Sandhya and she leaves. Aastha apologizes from Sakshi that she will not tell to anyone. Sandhya looks behind but thinks that Aastha was talking to a doll. Sakshi takes Aastha to Prem’s room.

The priest comes to the house for the prayer and senses the spirit’s presence in the house. He reveals to everyone that a bad spirit is in the house, but it will leave after the Pooja. Sakshi asks Aastha to call her mom and says that they will fly. Malini and Angad come to find Aastha in her room.

Sakshi makes Aastha fly and Aastha starts shouting as she gets scared. Prem asks Sakshi to leave Aastha. Angad and Malini question about Aastha from Sandhya. Sandhya says that she has left her in the room only. Both of them goes to Prem’s room to find her.

Angad gets worried after seeing Aastha lying in the room. Aastha says that her mother asks her to come in the room. Angad shouts at Prem but Sandhya protects her. Malini takes Aastha with her. Angad says to Sandhya that she should keep away her son of his daughter.

Everyone comes down for the Pooja. The priest found insects in Pooja Samagri and Malini takes to change it. Sakshi gets hurt from the Pooja and asks Prem to help her. Sakshi flew away from Prem’s room. Prem puts water in Hawan to stop the fire. The priest says that he has ended the whole Pooja.

Prem bites on priest’s hand and runs away from there. The priest says that he will not conduct Pooja in the house where he is insulted and leaves from there. Malini says that she will teach a lesson to the kid now. Prem comes to his room and closes the door.

Malini locks Prem’s room and takes the keys with her. Prem gets scared and asks to open the door. Sandhya goes behind to request from Malini. Sandhya turns after hearing Prem’s voice and Sakshi hits Malini from the stairs. Sandhya gets shocked to see Malini falling.

Malini shouts at Sandhya to stay away as she made her fall down. Rekha comes to Angad’s house to meet the house owner. The guards call Angad to talk with him. Angad denies that he is already disturbed. Rekha looks at Sakshi behind her.

Shobha says to Ankit that she wants to go to her home for her first delivery. The doctor checks Malini and she is fine. Ruhi takes Aastha to play with her. Malini says that Sandhya pushed her down. Angad says that she might have a misunderstanding as Sandhya can’t do anything like this. Malini asks Angad to throw Prem out of the house.

Sandhya listens to everything and goes to pray to Lord Shiva. Angad comes over there. Sandhya hugs him that he is always with her. Angad says that Sandhya is a mother and she has changed after Prem has come to the house. Angad says to Sandhya that it can break their relation also so she should think about it.

Precap: Aastha prays to God to stop her parents fight. Sakshi says to her that she can stop the fight. Rekha asks Sandhya to protect her daughter. Aastha gets unconscious!


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