Kawach Mahashivratri 7th July 2019 Written Episode Update: The lady’s spirit controls Pratibha’s body

Kawach Mahashivratri 19th October 2019 Written Update: Bhau attacks Kartik!
Kawach Mahashivratri 19th October 2019 Written Update: Bhau attacks Kartik!

The episode begins with Kapil talking with the lady’s spirit that he will kill their next target. Kapil thinks that he will give a party to Angad’s parents for their marriage anniversary. He is talking with the lady’s spirit that he has a plan. (Check: Kawach Written Updates.)

Sandhya comes to her room and Dev says that something is wrong with Angad. Dev says that he noticed Angad in the hospital and Sandhya close the door. Dev says that Angad always gets worried when his mother even sneezes, but today he didn’t do anything. Sandhya says that she also noticed it.

Sandhya asks Dev to leave and she will take care of it. Angad is standing outside and question what is happening? Dev says that she came to talk with Bhabhi as she is tensed. Angad says that he is there to talk with Sandhya and Dev leaves.

Kawach Mahashivratri 7th July 2019 Written Update
Kawach Mahashivratri 7th July 2019 Written Update

Pratibha comes to talk with Pandit Ji in the Mandir. A priest informs her that priest and his group are missing for a long time. She gets scared after hearing the date when Pandit Ji was missing. She recalls when Angad and Sandhya got married, then the priest was missing. She thinks to inform everyone about it.

She was leaving from the jungle and feels someone is following her. Angad apologizes from Sandhya about everything happening in the house. He says that he got frozen after seeing his mother like this. He says that he couldn’t do anything and he wishes his mother’s problem should have come to him.

Sandhya hugs her and apologizes that she was not able to recognize him. Pratibha hears a voice from behind and gets shocked to see the lady’s spirit. The lady’s spirit hand Pratibha on the tree where several other spirits are also hanging. Pratibha recalls when the priest told to recite Shiv Chalisa when some problem occurs.

Pratibha starts reciting Shiv Chalisa and the women hanging on the tree disappears along with the lady’s spirit. Pratibha falls down from the tree and runs from there by reciting Shiv Chalisa. She falls down and her leg gets trapped under a tree. The lady’s spirit comes there and enters Pratibha’s body.

Angad brings a saree for Sandhya and takes everyone to Malini for celebrating his parent’s anniversary. Angad asks his mother to come home soon as nothing is good without her.

Angad and Sandhya are in the garden at home and close to each other. Angad comes close to Sandhya and holds her hand. It starts raining and both of them gets wet. Angad says to Sandhya that they have to make a cricket team together. Sandhya says that they will have the team in the future.

Angad says that he wants at the moment and takes Sandhya to the room. Sandhya goes to change the outfit and looks at Angad sleeping.

Sandhya’s vermilion gets finished and she goes down to take from the Mandir. She starts praying for Lord Shiv and was about to take Sindoor but it falls down. Sandhya goes to pick it up and looks at the Thaal left by Angad. She reads it that she will get her answers under Shiv Ji’s Murti and starts finding something in the Mandir.

She can’t find anything and starts thinking about it.

Kapil is planning to kill Manoj and Sandhya comes there. Sandhya asks Angad to apply the vermilion on her forehead. Kapil takes the vermilion, but his hand starts burning as it is Shiv Ji’s Vermilion. Angad throws the vermilion and Sandhya says that she has brought it from the Mandir.

Angad says that he thinks the vermilion is filled with a chemical so it hurt his hands. Angad asks Sandhya to throw away the vermilion. Sandhya says that when he has an allergy to this vermilion, then how did he write the message for her in the Mandir. He questions about the message.

Sandhya says that he forgets about the message, but he changes the topic that he wants to hear the message from her. Sandhya says she loves him. He says that he felt really good after hearing it. He goes to fresh up for going to meet his mother. Sandhya is worried that why did Angad lie?

Pratibha is sick and vomiting very badly. Usha and everyone come to her. Pratibha says that she wants Chay. Vinayak questions when did she returned? Pratibha questions from where! Usha says that she went to the village to meet Pandit Ji to talk about the spirit.

Pratibha says that she didn’t say anything like this and talk in Marathi that she was in her room last night. Pratibha says that her body is paining badly and her head is like someone is holding it.

Sandhya applies her vermilion and recalls that Angad didn’t speak the truth about the message. Sandhya starts praying to Lord Shiv to tell her everything. A snake comes to her room and she gets shocked to see it. She gets on the other side of the room and the snake comes to Shiv Ji’s Murti.

Sandhya looks at the letter and the snake leaves from there. Sandhya recalls that it is the letter about which Angad left a message. Sandhya takes the paper, but it falls from her hand when Angad comes there. Angad questions what has happened and Sandhya says that a snake came into the room.

Angad starts getting scared and says that the snake might have come from the window. Angad leaves for the hospital.

Sandhya reads the letter that Kapil and Kashti have returned. She reads that Kapil has controlled him and he stays in his body. Sandhya gets shocked after reading it and recalls Angad’s odd behavior because he is Kapil, not Angad.

Precap: Sandhya takes Shiv Ji’s Prashad to make Angad eat it. Sandhya asks Angad to open the door but he can’t as Kapil is coming out from him!


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