Kawach Mahashivratri 8 September 2019 Written Episode Update: Sandhya gives Prem to Dubi!

Kawach Mahashivratri 19th October 2019 Written Update: Bhau attacks Kartik!
Kawach Mahashivratri 19th October 2019 Written Update: Bhau attacks Kartik!

The episode begins with Dubi disappearing after seeing everyone inside the Mandir. Balraj says that Dubi might have gone as he has lost. Sandhya denies that if Dubi had returned, then Rekha and mother-in-law would have turned normal. (Check: Kawach Mahashivratri Written Updates.)

Rekha is weak and can’t check whether Dubi has returned or not. Angad says that they need to stay in the Mandir. Sandhya says that they don’t have much time. The bell rings, but Angad denies anyone to go outside. Kartik and Usha come to the house and everyone gets worried about hearing their voice.

Sandhya takes Lord Shiv’s Jyot along with Ankit holding Lord Shiv’s idol to check who has come to the house. Sandhya and Ankit ask Kartik and Usha to leave from the house. Shobha goes outside thinking that the gate is open so she would leave. The group of crows enters the house and everyone gets shocked to see them.

Sandhya says to her mother that the house is troubled. Dubi starts laughing and comes over there. Dubi laughs that he was lying. Angad goes to talk with Dubi as he can’t see his family like this. Dubi covers everyone with the green flame. Sandhya is reciting Lord Shiv’s prayer with everyone. Dubi makes Kartik hit with the green flame.

Kawach Mahashivratri 8th September 2019 Written Update: Sandhya gives Prem to Dubi!
Kawach Mahashivratri 8th September 2019 Written Update: Sandhya gives Prem to Dubi!

Rekha says that she doesn’t remember what was written on the page! Prem says that he knows it and draw it for Rekha. Kartik says to Sandhya that oil is about to finish in the Jyot. Rekha looks at Prem’s drawing and understands about it. Rekha says that Dubi is afraid of one thing mentioned on the page which can help to kill Dubi.

Prem says Dubi is afraid of fire. Rekha says that a fire can save them. Sandhya and everyone get stuck in the trap created by Dubi as Lord Shiv’s Jyot blow away. Dubi asks Sandhya to save everyone and give him Prem.

Angad says to Dubi that they will give Prem to him. Angad says that Sandhya is a mother so she has forgotten everything in his love, but he will give him Prem. Sandhya asks Angad to stop. Dubi says that Sandhya will give her son and not Angad. Angad says to Sandhya that they need to save everyone like this. Angad signs Sandhya to agree with him.

Sandhya says that she wants to hug Prem for the last time. Dubi removes the green flame to let Sandhya hug Prem. Sandhya goes to Prem and hugs her. Angad also hugs them and says that they have a plan which will kill Dubi. Dubi asks them to stop and give Prem to him. Angad warns Sandhya to get ready.

Sandhya takes Prem with her and moves to Dubi. Dubi asks Sandhya to stop and let Prem come to him. Prem moves forward and Dubi comes to hold his hand, but Sandhya takes him away.

Balraj and Buaji put kerosene oil on Dubi and Angad burns the matchstick. Angad throws the matchstick on Dubi. Dubi burns away with the fire and disappears. Rekha, Malini, and Aastha turn normal. Aastha is lying unconscious and Sandhya gets worried about her. Aastha wakes up and Sandhya hugs her.

Bhau is shown tied with the chains and holding a hammer. Bhau gets angry that Sandhya didn’t accept his condition. Bhau says that he will take away, Prem from her and make Angad stand against her. Bhau says that he will make Angad kill Sandhya.

Sandhya and Angad decide that everyone should leave the house as it is their fight with Bhau. Sandhya says that they should take away Aastha also with them. Aastha denies that she will not go anywhere. Malini says that they won’t go anywhere and Prem saved them. Malini apologizes from Prem and hugs him.

Buaji says that they will fight together and those who want to leave can leave the house. Shobha says that they want to leave from here. Angad says to Ankit that he should take away Shobha and Aastha. Sandhya says to Aastha that she should take care of Shobha Mami.

Rekha says that she will cover the house with a Suraksha Kawach so that no spirit can enter the house. Everyone starts drawing the Suraksha Kawach on the windows.

Angad bids farewell to Aastha, Shobha, and Ankit. Angad feels that someone is behind him but can’t find anyone. Angad gets hit by a crow and his phone falls under the car. Angad takes out the phone from the car and someone takes him away.

Angad enters the house and destroys the Suraksha Kawach. Sandhya questions what has happened to him? Angad says that his phone got fallen under the car so his shirt got dirty.

Rekha sits with Sandhya and Kartik to find Bhau. Rekha holds their hands to call Bhau together. Rekha gets shocked to see crows outside the window. The crows get hurt with the Suraksha Kawach. Rekha says that someone bad is on the door.

Angad gets hurt badly as his body is making changes. Angad falls in pain and tries to get up to call someone but can’t do it. Sandhya hears a dangerous voice from her room and goes to check it. Sandhya questions Angad about the voice! Angad says that the house is protected with the Suraksha Kawach.

Angad wakes up at midnight with yellow eyes. Something gets hit on Angad and his body starts changing and he goes outside of the room. Sandhya wakes up and goes to check Angad as he is missing.

Ruhi hears some noise and some yellow drops fall on her face. Ruhi wakes up, but can’t find anyone. Ruhi checks under the bed and gets shocked to see two yellow eyes. Ruhi shouts and runs from her room. Malini hears Ruhi’s voice and wakes up Balraj. Kartik and Rekha also hear Ruhi screaming.

Ruhi calls everyone for help. Angad comes over there and questions what has happened? Everyone comes there hearing Ruhi’s voice. Ruhi says that someone is in her room.

Precap: Bhau says that he is coming to meet Sandhya. Someone enters inside Angad’s body!


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