Kevin Samuels, a controversial Youtuber has died at the age of 56. The death news of the Youtube star spread like a wildfire on the internet. However, the Kevin Samuels’ death cause is still not revealed. Read more to get further updates.

A self proclaimed friend of Samuels, Melanie King said that Kevin is dead for sure. She has got the confirmation from his family on Thursday, May 5, 2022. However, Samuels’ family hasn’t official confirmed his death news, not even on social media platforms.

Per unverified sources, Kevin died of cardiac arrest. But, the exact circumstances and the cause of death are yet to be officially confirmed. Here, we have got some information regarding the deceased YouTube star.


Who is Kevin Samuels?

Born on March 13, 1965, in Atlanta, Georgia, Kevin attended Millwood High School. He, then, graduated from The University of Oklahoma. The 57-year-old Youtuber was a self-proclaimed dating expert. With a huge following of more than 1 million subscribers/followers, he was definitely a social media influencer.

The bio on Kevin’s Instagram account refers him as an image consultant. He has got his YouTube channel named on his own name. It has garnered over 1.4 millions subscribers. The late-YouTube sensation, Samuels began his journey social-video platform in 2016. However, his channel came into existence on May 20, 2015.

Kevin Samuels’ Cause of Death

As of May 6, 2022, none of Kevin’s family members has made any public statement yet. No official confirmation from his team has been uploaded to social media. However, there have been several rumors and unverified reports surrounding the death of Kevin.


According to those reports, Kevin Samuels suffered a cardiac arrest which left him unconscious. As there has been no official report of Kevin’s death, the news of him being dead could be a rumor regarding the Georgia star death. No official details available yet. A woman was at Kevin’s apartment for the first time, maybe a date, made a call to 911.

Melanie King, a self-proclaimed close friend of Samuels, said that Kevin’s family has confirmed his death to her. And, added that Kevin’s death is 100 per cent true. (check: Mohammad Almaru killed daughter Mia Maro with Metal Pole for attending Prom.)

Why is ‘Kevin Samuels death’ trending?

Per rumors and several media outlets, the news of Samuels being dead spread like fire on Twitter on May 5, 2022. The reports said that he was found unconscious in his home. The news triggered a battle between his fans and critics. Those who liked Samuels’ ideology criticised his critics of celebrating his death.


Kevin became a trending search on Thursday as people started to gather all kinds of information regarding him available on the internet. After checking all facts, it appears as if the reports of his death started spreading like a fire from a single social media post that claimed his death.

The latest or the most recent post which Kevin Samuels shared on Instagram as a post was a 94-minute long clip titled “Modern Women are a Party of One”. It was posted on Wednesday. It was the last update on his YouTube page as well. On the other hand, his Facebook profile was updated last on Tuesday.

Kevin Samuels and Controversies

The YouTuber has been slammed for making misogynistic comments several times. He once said that unmarried women over 35 years of age are considered to be ‘leftover women’. It sparked a strong outrage against him.


What does Kevin Samuels do for a living? How does he earn?

Kevin had been a self-proclaimed relationship guru. Through his YouTube videos, Samuels used to share relationship advice. He also considered himself an image and lifestyle consultant, and thus used to share his views and thoughts on how one can live his/her life.

In a majority of his YouTube videos, Samuels appeared to be a heavy misogynist man. His thoughts were focused towards women of color. A few weeks ago, he was criticized for commenting about the unmarried women of 35 years and old. He has many video against women. Majority of his followers are men between the ages of 18 and 34.

Kevin Samuels Net Worth

The exact numbers of Kevin Samuels’ worth is not known yet. But, Famous Wealth People has given an estimation of around $3 million in wealth. He has garnered more than a million followers on Instagram, more than 80,000 on TikTok, 1.42 million YouTube subscribers, and over 250k followers on Facebook.


Another income source for Kevin is his image consulting agency. Thought it, he used tohelp men on improving their appearances and images.

Is Kevin Samuels married? Name of Wife / Girlfriend

Per the reports, Kevin Samuels is unmarried as of now. But, he was married twice. Both of his marriages ended up in divorce. It’s surprised to see that despite gaining such fame, Samuels has kept his personal life under wraps. His personal doings is not completely public.

In 2021, it was claimed that Kevin was in a relationship with @sixthegoddis, an Instagram influencer. Not much information is public regarding his ex-wives and girlfriends. Moreover, he was not seen talking about this topic publicly.


Per FameShala, Kevin’s first marriage lasted for about a year, and was gifted a daughter who was born in 2001.

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