Kevin Samuels Funeral will be held soon. Kevin Samuels is better known for his thousands of controversial relationship advice on social media.

The self-claimed lifestyle coach, Kevin Samuels, was followed by thousands of people on social media. Influencer Kevin Samuels used to provide Controversial Dating Advice on YouTube. 57-Year-Old Kevin passed away on Thursday in Georgia.

According to a police report, we got emergency assistance and were called to Kevin’s residence Thursday morning for a “person injured.” The assistance personnel found Kevin unresponsive on the floor of his apartment.


Kevin Samuels Funeral 

According to the reports, Kevin Samuels Funeral will soon be decided by his friends and family. We will update this page, once there will an announcement for Kevin Samuels funeral. The burial and funeral service will be held soon in Georgia.

Kevin Samuels Death Reason / Cause

As per the police report accessed, ‘dating expert,’ Kevin went out on a date the night before with a woman. The duo spent the night at Kevin’s place in Atlanta. In the morning, Kevin started complaining about the continuous chest pain. Fortunately, the woman was a nurse, and she tried to help him. While she was trying to ease him up, he fell on top of her.

The woman immediately called 911 and also requested them to bring a defibrillator from the front desk of the apartment complex. When the emergency assistance arrived, Kevin Samuels was already unresponsive. Kevin was taken to Piedmont Hospital, where the doctors declared him dead.


Kevin Samuels had a huge following on his relationship advice channels on social media, he had over 1.42 million YouTube subscribers. His controversial takes on dating advice are often a ground for people with disagreement.

Kevin Samuels recently started another controversy by claiming that unmarried women over 35 are “leftovers”, his clip went viral on the internet. His other viral clips included those making people ’embarrassed’ about their lives.

Kevin was fortunate enough to have an interview with Future earlier this year. He asked the rapper dating questions for a trailer for Future’s single, “Worst Day.” Apart from onbeat questions, Kevin was not shy to ask Future about his dating life spends.


Kevin Samuels Obituary

  1. Protect ya self out there fellas. Everybody is perfect on the first date. You have to know what you don’t like about a person before it’s considered real. Find you a good one. Treat her right. Make sure she does the same. Lock it down. And get out the game. RIP Kevin Samuels – O’Shea Jack(Nichol)son
  2. RIP Kevin Samuels – DJ Akademiks
  3. Kevin Samuels told men to learn a trade, social skills, hit the gym/groom, & surround yourself with winners He told women to stop being delusional/selfish. Lose weight & contempt for men. Be cooperative/friendly. He was changing the world & saving marriages/families. RIP. – TeN
  4. RIP Kevin Samuels. you were a great human being and an inspirational role model to all that knew you, as well as those that knew of you. You will be missed, rest in power.

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