Khatron Ke Khiladi (KKK) Season 9 27th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Shamita excels her first task

khatron ke khiladi 9 3rd february 2019 written update
khatron ke khiladi 9 3rd february 2019 written update

The episode starts with Rohit Shetty talking with everyone, but Aditya is not present at the moment. Puneet tells that they were watching a magic show and the magician disappeared Aditya. (Check: Naagin 3 27th January 2019.)

Puneet explains the moment when he, Aditya, and Aly were looking at magic. The magician was showing magic, but Aditya asked for some big magic. The magician took the help of Aditya to show magic on him. But he got Aditya disappeared in the magic. Aly and Puneet like the magic, but asks to call Aditya back. The magician denies that he has gone.

Rohit Shetty brings Aditya back at the moment with magic. He asks to speak about the childhood games for everyone. Bharti says that eating others’ food and Harsh say Hide and Seek. Harsh adds that he was hiding in childhood, but no one can see him and everyone goes back home. Everyone is laughing badly.

Khatron Ke Khiladi 9 27th January 2019 Written update episode
Khatron Ke Khiladi 9 27th January 2019 Written update episode

Rohit asks about the Tambola game with fear is your next task. He explains the task and brings a gift for Shamita. Puneet holds the gift and Shamita open it and it has cockroaches. Bharti, Ridhima, Jasmine, Shamita, Aly, and Zain have the fear band. Rohit asks Shamita to take out two names from the box of cockroaches but she denies. Ridhima comes to take out the names and he names are Ridhima and Zain.

Ridhima picked out her name first and so she has to perform first. She is in the box to perform the task. Many insects are thrown in her face, but she is keeping calm throughout it. Rohit asks the questions and she is answering the questions with her best efforts. But she is not able to answer the last question.

Shamita starts crying after seeing the cockroaches and Shamita go to some corner and is crying. Shamita is afraid of cockroaches and don’t want to lose any task because of cockroaches. Rohit guarantees that he will remove her fear before leaving the show.

It’s a turn for Zain to perform the task. He is determined to perform his best efforts. The task has started and Rohit starts asking questions. Zain is successful in answering all the questions. Rohit asks the question again, but he got the wrong answer.

Rohit is ready with the results and verifies the answers given by Ridhima and Zain. Ridhima has got 2 answers correct and Zain has got 4 answers correct from 5 questions. Zain has won the task and Ridhima is going into the elimination task.

Rohit takes everyone to the next location. The second task is related to climbing the rope which is placed above a certain height and collect balls from 10 balls. It is a partner stunt. Jasmine and Shamita are performing together. Aly and Bharti are going to perform the task first.

Bharti and Aly have started the task. Bharti looks down and gets afraid. Rohit motivates her to perform the task. Both of them abort the task.

Shamita and Jasmine have started the task. Harsh is shouting to motivate Shamita. Rohit is guiding them to move forward on the rope. Jasmine’s balance got disturbed and she falls down from the rope. Both of them won the task and remove the fear band.

Rohit takes everyone to the elimination task and explains the task. Ridhima, Bharti, and Aly have to perform this task. Bharti couldn’t perform the task well. Bharti has lost the task and everyone is sad if Bharti leaves. Rohit declares that there is no elimination today.

Precap: The task from previous seasons will be performed in the next week!

Stay tuned for Khatron Ke Khiladi 9 updates.


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