Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 9 2nd February 2019 Written Episode Update: A flashback to the previous seasons and the deadliest stunts are picked!

khatron ke khiladi 9 3rd february 2019 written update
khatron ke khiladi 9 3rd february 2019 written update

The episode begins with Rohit Shetty giving a greater focus on the stunts performed in earlier seasons. During this week, the deadliest stunts will be performed. The first stunt is taken from Season 6. Rohit explains the stunt and it is a partner stunt. Puneet with Ridhima and Aditya with Jasmin are going to perform it. (Read: Naagin 3 2 February 2019.)

Aditya is prepared to win the task and give a fear band to Puneet since he hasn’t got it yet. Jasmine is having a problem while swimming. In the end, both Jasmine and Aditya managed to perform the stunt with their best efforts. Aditya got a scratch while doing the task, but he completed the task. Puneet and Ridhima have made it and won the task. Jasmine and Aditya have got the fear band.

Aly, Puneet, and Zain are having fun with a prank. They go to tease Vikas with the prank. Everyone has come to the next location. Rohit asks about the three finalists from Vikas according to him. Vikas takes everyone’s name leaving behind Bharti, Ridhima, Harsh, and Zain. Bharti takes Harsh’s name but Harsh is confused.

khatron ke khiladi 9 2nd february 2019 written update
khatron ke khiladi 9 2nd february 2019 written update

Rohit explains the next task with a short clip from the previous season. Everyone is shocked to see Nia got hurt in the previous season’s clip. Aly and Zain will perform this stunt. Rohit explains to follow the instructions for safety. Zain is performed first and tries to collect the maximum winning items. Aly is ready to perform the task. Rohit declares Zain as the task winner.

Rohit takes everyone to the last location. Bharti tries to entertain everyone by acting as Rohit Shetty. She takes Harsh in her act. Harsh is selling stunts to Rohit which is Bharti. Bharti is making everyone laugh with her jokes. Everyone is enjoying the act. Bharti part’s a joke on every contestant. Rohit Shetty praises Bharti’s act.

Rohit starts explaining the task to the contestants and shows a short clip from the previous season about the task. Shamita gets scared after seeing snakes in the task. She asks about the presence of cockroaches. Rohit says that it is a partner stunt and the contestants will be tied with the lock which will get open by a code.

The code is placed on the boxes kept aside, which has some insects or reptiles name which will be thrown into the box where one player is present. Rohit explains the twist in the task with complete instructions. Bharti with Vikas and Harsh with Shamita are going to perform this task.

Bharti and Vikas are performing the task first. Bharti asks Vikas to perform the task speedily so that she doesn’t get scared with the insects. Bharti gets scared when snakes are put in her box. Bharti starts crying and everyone tries to motivate her. Bharti is worried about Harsh as he can’t perform with the snakes.

Vikas has managed to perform well, but gets troubled in the second lock. Both of them have managed to perform the task really well. Bharti is afraid about the snakes and everyone appreciates her performance. Bharti is crying that Harsh will get afraid with the snakes.

It’s time for Harsh and Shamita to perform the task. Harsh is afraid about the snakes as he has aborted a task before when there were snakes. Both of them performs the task very well.

Bharti and Vikas won the task and Harsh and Shamita got the fear band.

Precap: Rohit has brought a giant snake for the next task. Rohit shouts at Vikas for his prank shoot!


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