Khatron Ke Khiladi (KKK) Season 9 3rd February 2019 Written Episode Update: Jasmine is scared after seeing the baby anaconda

khatron ke khiladi 9 3rd february 2019 written update
khatron ke khiladi 9 3rd february 2019 written update

The episode begins with Rohit Shetty talking about the previous season’s task. Jasmine, Aditya, Aly, Harsh, and Shamita have got the fear band. Aditya is not present at the moment since the doctor is checking him and he will join soon. Everyone is scared after looking at the transparent glass box. (Check: The Kapil Sharma Show 3rd February 2019.)

Rohit asks about Bharti’s experience with the last task. Bharti and Harsh are really afraid of the snakes in their last task. Rohit says that the present stunt will scare everyone. He shows them a clip from the previous season. Harsh will tell three names who are going to perform the task. Harsh says that everyone except him. Rohit Shetty asks Harsh to pick the name slip from the box with a snake in it. Harsh reads out the name and it is Shamita, Harsh, and Jasmine. Jasmine is going to perform first and then Shamita. Harsh will perform at the last time.

Everyone is shocked to see a baby anaconda in the task. Jasmine starts crying after seeing the snake. Rohit motivates Jasmine to perform the task. Jasmine has started the task and everyone is cheering her. Jasmine is not able to open the locks in the task. She has somehow managed to open the lock from the legs. (watch: super bowl 2019 live streaming.)

khatron ke khiladi 9 3rd february 2019 written update
khatron ke khiladi 9 3rd february 2019 written update

Jasmine couldn’t open the lock on her hands and the time ends. Shamita has entered the task and the snakes are put in her box. Shamita has managed to open all the locks and is happy with her performance. Shamita says that all the snakes were looking at her and so she was scared. Shamita motivates Harsh to perform the task.

Harsh has started the task, but he is scared about the snakes. Harsh thinks to abort the task, but Rohit shouts at him that he has to perform it. Rohit’s phone ring and he gets busy on his call with his mother. Harsh is in the box and waiting for Rohit sir to start the task. Harsh has started the task and managed to complete it.

Everyone is happy to see Harsh’s performance. Harsh has won the task. Both Harsh and Shamita removes their fear band and Jasmine goes to the elimination stunt.

Aditya and Aly are left with the fear band and Rohit takes the contestants to the next location. Puneet and Vikash are trying a new prank in Rohit’s vanity van. Rohit comes at the location and asks about the one who has gone into the van? Vikas raises his hand, but Rohit starts shouting at him. Rohit is in huge anger, but Vikas apologizes.

Rohit starts laughing and says that it was a prank. Everyone starts laughing and Bharti has started crying. Rohit explains the next task. Since Aditya is injured and asks if Puneet could perform on behalf of him. Aly has to perform first and then Puneet. Aly couldn’t perform the task since he has some health issues and he aborts the task. Puneet wins the task which means Aditya is safe.

Jasmine and Aly are going to perform the elimination stunt. The contestant will be locked in a box with three crocodiles. In addition, there are ten hen’s meats and some little crocodiles, which have the key to open the door. Jasmine is going to perform the task first. Aly is ready to perform his task, but couldn’t find any key. Jasmine won the task and Aly is eliminated.

Precap: Ridhima gets panicked in the task. Everyone is aborting in the task and Rohit is upset with it!


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