Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date and Story Details: Never Before Seen Disney Worlds, Second Keyblade War And Older Sora Teased

Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date, Story, Updates, Price
Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date, Story, Updates, Price

Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date, Story, Updates, Price: Published by Square Enix, Kingdom Hearts III is the upcoming game developed by Square Enix 1st Production Department. KH3 is a role-playing action genre.

This is the 11th game of the ‘Kingdom Hearts’ and 3rd in the sequel. It will be available for PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Xbox One. It is one of the most anticipated game. Its sequel has always been asked. We have got some news about it. The gameplay of KingdomHearts III is similar to that of their predecessors.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date, Story, Updates, Price

The director Tetsuya Nomura states that it will run on the same storyline as that of KingdomHearts II. Some new additions have been added in this new game. It is the first one in the series of ‘Kingdom Hearts’ which uses the Unreal Engine 4. The new action RPG from the house of Square Enix don’t have the launch date but it is expected that they will arrive by the end of January 2017.

A tweet has shared the story details of the game. The story involves a young Sora, who is now grown up into a dashing young man and is on a mission of gathering the 7 guardians of light. The guardians which involve like Riku and King Mickey. Also, Sora will go with Goofy and Donal to get the key to return Hearts.

The fans of KH3 will be happy to know that Sora, along with his friends will fight against Master Xehanort and which will prevent from starting from the other KeyBlade War. The characters include in the game are Riku, Donald Duck, Master Eraqus, King Mickey, Goofy and Master Xehanort along with some famous characters like Rapunzel and Baymax.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date, Story, Updates, Price
Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date, Story, Updates, Price

More details about the story of the game can be found on twitter as the tweet has been shared. The developers are still working on the development of the KH3. No release date is decided and fans are waiting for KH3 to get launched. The release of the game is still not decided but its merchandise will be arriving on the market in the month of January next year.

The storyline of the game will be officially launched along with the launch of the merchandise. There are lot more questions about it. Let us wait for the 2017 and see will the KH3 be launch in the first month of the year as per the reports.

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