‘Modern Family’ Season 8 episode 12 as Phil regenerate romance on valentine’s day.

The upcoming season 8 episode 12 will hit as the special Valentine’s Day episode which will center on Phill trying to re-ignite the love in his married life.

Hit ABC comedy’s Valentine’s Day special episode titled “Do You Believe In Magic?” will feature return of Phil’s alter ego, Clive Bixby who will help in regenerating the spark of romance between him and his wife. Clive makes their celebration a memorable moment.

Whereas, Gloria and Jay were having a conversation regarding Joe’s improper gifts. One of them thinks that Joe’s gift giving is inappropriate whereas other will be upset at Manny’s dating inappropriateness.

Meanwhile, Alex will also discover that she has a secret admirer. However it may not lead to any kind of blossoming relation when she realizes that her admirer is much involved and connectd to Dunphys.

This episode will also feature Cam and Mitchell’s romantic boat trip which will be spoiled by Sal and Haley. While there, her boyfriend came up with another woman and he lied to Haleytaht he would be working.



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