My Hero Academia Chapter 215 Release Date and Spoilers: It’s Shinsou vs Deku

my hero academia chapter 216 release date and spoilers
my hero academia chapter 216 release date and spoilers

After Chapter 214 of Boku No Hero Academia (My Hero Academia), it’s time for the chapter 215 which will air next week. The last segment ended with Deku awakening his second quirk to stop the attack of Shinsou. It looks like that the situation is going to get more interesting now onwards. It’s because Deku has refused to use his One For All in the upcoming fight. (Check: Arrow season 7 episode 12.)

Deku’s new quirk has emerged out of nowhere, suddenly. Now, the developments regarding his usage of Black Whips will be featured in the next week. It seems a very interesting quirk from the early sights. It has the potential to become a very useful attacking technique, though it is not overpowered.

Aizawa uses a similar quirk named the cloth bind technique. He had taught Shinsou in the past. So, we can hope that he can teach Midoriya too. His other side quirks can be considered as the utility ones. All of those quirks have some purpose associated with them. Thus, they would not be overpowered ones.

my hero academia chapter 215 release date spoilers
my hero academia chapter 215 release date spoilers

Talking about what may happen in the chapter 215 of My Hero Academia (MHA), then it seems that we are going to witness a Shinsou vs Deku fight. This time, the battle will be a different one in terms of its characteristics. Shinsou has neglected to use One For All in the upcoming fight. And he may not use brainwashing either.

It will be a special fight which will feature the binding abilities. We guess it’s the theme set for it. Speaking of binding ability, Shinsou may end up having an upper hand as he is more experienced fighter than his competitor. But, he should not consider his opponent a week fighter as Deku has got more power in his quirk.

In the upcoming 3 to 4 chapters, the fight will be concluded. We may also get to see Deku combining the powers of One For All and Black Whips. My Hero Academia 215 will release on February 4, 2019. As far as official scans are concerned, it will be released by February 1.


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