Naomi Judd, the famous country music singer and a part of the duo – The Judds died on April 30, 2022. Her children, husband, and family revealed the news. Let’s find out what happened to her, how did Naomi Judd die, did she commit suicide, or what was Naomi Judd’s cause of death?

Naomi’s death has left the country music lover and her fans mourning. Numerous fellow stars and others paid their heartfelt tribute to the late icon who passed at the age of 76. She died on Saturday at Stagecoach Festival in Indio, California.

What happened to Naomi Judd?

She died near Nashville, Tennessee, as revealed by her husband and fellow singer Larry Strickland. Naomi’s daughters Wynonna and Ashley Judd said that it was a tragic day for the fans of late star as their mother lost to the condition of mental illness. Everyone got shattered after getting this news. How did Naomi Judd die? (obituary)


The death of Naomi Judd came as a surprise. It’s not like that the world didn’t know about her challenges on the personal front. In the recent years, NJ had revealed about the challenges she had been facing on the personal front, including her depression. It seemed that no one realized what she had been dealing with.

In the past, Naomi had revealed what caused the split from the mother-daughter country-duo, Wynonna. They got separated for a long time. But, they were set to be reunited this year. It would have been a for an arena tour, and the first time in almost a decade.

Naomi died just a day prior when she and Wynonna were set to appear together in the Country Music Hall of Fame ceremony on Sunday. The tragedy happened in time of such a once a lifetime opportunity.


How did Naomi Judd die?

The Grammy winner, Naomi was a crucial part of the country music for decades. She had experienced all sorts of moments in her lifetime – from being full of difficulties to successes. She bounced back all time.

But, something tragic happened in 2011. She was paralyzed. According to Judd, she didn’t move off her sofa for two years. It’s because she couldn’t. She was so miserable at the point in time. She took some time to realize that it was the time to go for a professional treatment when she got dangerously depressed.

At the point of time, Naomi, herself, stated that she considered to suicide by looking into a bridge. Judd’s husband and Ashley made her to undergo counseling. But, it was a long journey. There was no quick remedy to restart the chemicals in her brain. She underwent electroconvulsive (ECT or shock) therapy.


NJ pointed out that it’s a must to face our difficulties rather than hiding from them. In 2016, during an interview with ABC’s Good Morning America, NJ revealed that she was diagnosed with severe depression. So, she had to spent a long time in psychiatric hospitals. One of the difficulties while being in depression was to face the memory when a relative abused her at the age of three.

Judd was a writer too, and had published a book titled “River of Time: My Descent into Depression and How I Emerged with Hope” in 2016. It included a part of her depression journey. In it, she claimed to have “fixed” the mental sickness, but, now, it looked like that the depression was “managed” not really “fixed.”

Cause of Death of Naomi Judd: What did she die from?

Reportedly, NJ had been suffering from depression. She released a book in 2016 revealing her dark secrets. One of them was that she even thought of killing herself by jumping off a nearby bridge. Such claims point that Naomi Judd cause of death is mental depression.


Did Naomi Judd commit Suicide?

On the day of Naomi Judd’s death, her daughters made a statement. They said that it’s a time of extreme tragedy that they have lost their mother to the disease of mental illness (severe depression).

Well, it seemed to be a suicide attempt by NJ. And, it was a successful one this time. However, no official statements have been made by the family stating the same, that Naomi Judd suicide herself due to the mental disorder (health history).


Moreover, Naomi’s mental sickness was exacerbated when she was diagnosed with hepatitis C. It’s completely plausible that she was not physically healthy and maybe lost to the disease and therapies involved.

Naomi Judd Career

The mother-daughter duo – The Judds was formed in 1983, and it went on to became a phenomenal success for both of them for nearly a decade. Collaborating together, the Judds released six studio albums, more than top 20 hit songs, several top 10 chart-busters, and won five Grammys between 1985 and 1992.


In the 1990s, all the three Judd female stars separated. They went on to pursue their own careers. Naomi even became a part of television series, and later went on to do films. Some of her famous tv shows included Frasier, 3rd Rock From The Sun, Sisters, and others. Her memorable movies included An Evergreen Christmas, Someone Like You, Newlyweds, and others.

NJ also appeared in some of her daughter’s (Ashley) films. So, they were close too. Naomi is survived by her husband (Larry Strickland) and daughters (Wynonna and Ashley).

Naomi Judd Net Worth at the time of her death

As per the reports, Naomi Judd was worth over $25 million at the time of her death. Most of the money, she made from the music. Moreover, she also featured in movies and tv shows.

Net worth$25 million
BirthdateJanuary 11, 1946
BirthplaceAshland, Ky.
Birth nameDiana Ellen Judd
FatherCharles Glen Judd
MotherPauline Judd
MarriagesMichael Ciminella (1964–1972), Larry Strickland (1989–2022)
ChildrenWynonna and Ashley Judd
EducationStudied nursing in Berea, Ky., College of Marin (graduated in 1998)

Larry Strickland – Naomi Judd Husband

NJ had married twice. She started dating Michael Ciminella (her first husband) in September 1963, and then married on January 3, 1964. They were blessed with the first daughter Wynonna, who was born on May 30, 1964. Their second daughter, Ashley, took birth on April 19, 1968. The first last lasted for 8 years.

Then, Naomi married to Larry Strickland in 1989. They were together until NJ’s tragic death. In 2019, they had celebrated their 30th anniversary.

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  1. Does it really matter how God took NJ home.
    Someone lost there wife, mother and grandmother
    And dear friends.
    It is hard to lose a parent. I lost my Dad last year.
    Please let the family have there time.
    Know one really needs to know anything….

  2. This is so very sad.
    My heart and prayers go out to her family
    Lost my dad in 1988 in a suicide
    You never get over it


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