Narcos Season 3 Air /Release Date and Trailer Out: Season 4 Also Announced On Netflix; Check Spoilers and Predictions

Narcos Season 3 Release Date, Trailer: The first season of the popular Netflix web series “Narcos” garnered grave reviews, from both audience and critics alike. It depicted the condition of the drug trade in Columbia during the latter half of the twentieth century and primarily focused on Pablo Escobar, the infamous drug lord. (check: Young Justice Season 3.)

The series successfully generated a huge fan base in a very short span of time. The series returned with a second installment that released on Netflix on 2nd September, this month. The fans are already crazy about the story. The second season too focuses on Pablo Escobar. (check: Is Selena Gomez Dead?)

Narcos Season 3 Release Date

For ardent fans of “Narcos”, the good news is that that Netflix may announce a third season of the series which would probably release during some time in the next year. But chances of watching Wagner Moura reprise his role as Pablo Escobar seems thin. It is pretty much possible that the series would reboot in the third installment. (check: America’s Got Talent Season 11.)

You know what, that is entirely fair in a way. The show is titled “Narcos” and not Escobar for a reason. The show was made keeping in mind the theme of the drug trade. Throughout the two seasons of “Narcos”, we saw the rise and fall of Escobar. Pablo Escobar dies in the 2nd installment. The story of his rise to power and descent to death is complete, ending Wagner Moura’s time on the show. (see: Doctor Who Season 10 Air Date.)

Though nothing is known about the S3 of the series yet, the ending of the second installment pointed towards the possibility that Pacho could fill the void that Pablo Escobar’s death left. He could be the next big, bad man. We might also lose a few other regular characters from the show. For example, Pena. He was assigned a new case by the DEA in the US. So, it is possible that he might not be on the cast roll anymore.

Narcos Season 3 Release Date
Narcos Season 3 Release Date

Cali Cartel is set to take center stage in the third stage. After Pablo’s death, they have taken control over cocaine trade between Columbia and the US. It is believed that Escobar’s successors would work in close collaboration with CIA and also with Judy Moncada.

Cali Cartel could help the Escobars flee the country, thereby taking control of all of Pablo Escobar’s wealth and empire. They plot of the show may also widen, depicting drug trade throughout Latin America.

Much of it is speculation. If anything is confirmed or we get to know about any new reveals, we’d get back to you with that. Stay tuned.


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