One Piece Episode 868: The greatest battles are soon to hit the show! Catch up with the latest spoilers!

One Piece Episode 868 Release Date, Promo, Spoilers: Luffy-Katakuri Team-up
One Piece Episode 868 Release Date, Promo, Spoilers: Luffy-Katakuri Team-up

One Piece series has come up with several phases or changes, but this time, it will be a devastating fight. If you’re connected with the anime episodes, then you might be aware of the story. There would be an eye-catching battle between Luffy and Katakuri that is going to grab huge attention. In this article, the spoiler alerts are grabbing the most attention. In the anime, it is the first fight, which will be extremely dreadful in the entire history. The fans who have no interest in inquiring about the spoilers can avoid continuing with the article so far.

Let’s recall the last episode, which focused on Katakuri attacking ad thwacking on Luffy in a dreadful manner. Luffy has reached a sickening stage, but there’s no humanity shown by Katakuri. In the fight, Luffy’s condition gets worse when Flampe also joined the attack with Katakuri. Using the tranquil needle as a weapon, Flampe made an attempt to beat Luffy. In such a condition, Luffy was left with no consciousness to hold the situation and give a response. Looking at Luffy’s condition, Katakuri got an opportunity to do an insane act with Luffy.

One Piece Episode 868 Release Date & Spoilers

The next episode comes with the title as “One’s determination! Katakuri’s deadly big fight.” When Flampe was attempting to hit Luffy, Katakuri also got an open situation to insanely hit Luffy along with his Mogura. Luffy was left in such a condition when he could barely do anything or protect him from the insane attacks. In the meanwhile, Luffy was recalling a moment about the operation of observational Haki.

One Piece Episode 868 Release Date, Promo, Spoilers: Luffy-Katakuri Team-up

When the thought was clear to Luffy, he tried to bolt down Flampe’s next hit. During this, Katakuri gets aware of Flampe and starts confronting her. He gets engaged in a self-harm act when he gets to discern about Luffy’s disability swerve his offensive intentions which happened due to the presence of Flampe. For continuing the battle with Luffy, he detaches his mask covering.

At the moment, Katakuri and Luffy’s Haki skirmish made it a winning situation over Flampe’s hit. Katakuri is acknowledged by the fact the Luffy is no longer standing at a lower position than him.

The episode is going to air for the anime fans only on 13 January 2019.


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