Anthony Albanese Net Worth: Upcoming Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese defeated Scott Morrison yesterday and has a shocking net worth. He made history on 21st May in the politics of Australia by conquering incumbent Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who is assessed to have a net worth of $11 million as of 2022.

Anthony Albanese took his oath today. The 58-year-old politician had an agenda of uniting the country and addressing the climate change issues while dealing with the problems of old-age citizens. He also promised to establish a federal integrity commission.

Anthony Albanese said, “To my mum, Maryanne, who is beaming down on us. Thank you. And I hope there are families in public housing watching this tonight. Because I want every parent to be able to tell their child, no matter where you live or where you come from, in Australia, the doors of opportunity are open to everyone.”


Labor Party’s Anthony Albanese is New Australian PM 

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While addressing the rally for his victory, He said, “Friends, we have made history tonight. And tomorrow, together, we begin the work of building a better future. A better future for all Australians. Thank you very much”, he concluded.

‘The opposition leader has bought plenty of homes,’ said the PM Scott Morrison. ‘He’s bought plenty more than I have. Good for him. Good luck to him. We celebrate success.’


Let’s explore Anthony Albanese’s Wiki Bio and Networth in this article.

Anthony Albanese’s Net Worth

Anthony Albanese’s Estimated Net Worth as of 2022: 11 Million Dollars

Here is the list of assets owned by Labor Party’s Anthony Albanese


Properties owned by Anthony Albanese: Being a candidate from Grayndler, New South Wales, he owned multiple properties around the area.

OwnerLocationPropertyValue in AUD
Self/SpouseMarrickville, NSWHome (house)
SelfCanberra, ACT 1Home (unit)600000
Self/SpouseMarrickville, NSWInvestment (house)2500000
SelfDulwich Hill, NSWInvestment (house)1900000

His properties in Marrickville and Dulwich Hill are on a mortgage by the bank as per the data uploaded in 2016.

Here is a picture of Anthony Albanese’s nice house in Marrickville.


He uses a CBA Bank account for day-to-day transactions. Currently, he doesn’t own any vehicle of his own, but his ex-wife Carmel Tebbutt owed a nice car.

He banked around 2.5 Million USD by selling one of his investment properties in Marrickville.


Most of the investments remained in the real-estate sector. This sector turned out to be really profitable for Anthony Albanese as well because he could make nearly double the money in every transaction.

While real estate investment worked out really well for Anthony Albanese, he didn’t have active investments in his stock portfolio.

After adding inflation on the properties which are still owed by Anthony Albanese, the net worth of new prime minister of Australia calculates around 11 million USD.



Before becoming the Prime Minister of Australia, Anthony Albanese’s salary was $390,820 per year. Anthony Albanese is supposed to be one of the richest politicians in Australia. Apart from their political career, he remained active in sports in his early years.

His salary will be increased to $549,250 after the landslide victory.



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