The time is coming nearer when the brand new episodes from the upcoming season 3 of Selling Sunset would roll once again only on Netflix. Though not much time has passed since when eight episodes from the second season were just recently dropped by the streaming giant. But, we would love to share the good news with its viewers that makers of the urban-luxury lifestyle have confirmed the comeback of the latter with a brand new third season.

If you are already following the show and keep a check on the related updates, you might be able to figure out till now that the season three of the series would pick up from the moment when the last installment came to its super dramatic end in the finale episode and it would once more keep up with our expectations.

Still, for now, we also have some clues and ideas about what we could get to see in the upcoming season three. Just to keep our readers excited until the latter is out, we would love to tell them about each and everything we know about the upcoming season of the third installment of Selling Sunset.


What will happen in Selling Sunset season 3? Plot:

When the last season wrapped up in the finale episode, we were able to understand the hint given by the makers about the incidents which were about to occur thereafter. (check: Supergirl Season 6.)

The moment when there was a revelation made by Chrishell Stause which came into the knowledge of her co-workers from the Oppenheim Group through the internet and social media about the divorce petition which was being filed by Justin Hartley, i.e., her husband was really emotional for everyone.

During an interview related to the second installment of Selling Sunset, Chrishell disclosed about her mixed feelings for the aspects of her personal life being in the series itself. Therefore, it is very certain that we can get to see much more content related to the latter matter in the upcoming season.


We were also able to get a glimpse of the super ravishing and luxurious wedding ceremony of Christine Quinn. Obviously, we didn’t expect anything less after witnessing that engagement function which was thrown by her taking inspiration from the event of megastar Britney Spears herself. We were startled to see Chrishell leaving quite early from the party. Surely, there must be an interesting reason behind it.

As expected, there seems no progress in the deteriorating relations between Amanza and Christine. It sounds that Amanza is extremely determined to stick on to her promise and show the strength of her bond to Christine that she shares with Mary.

The viewers were also left in confusion when a confession was made by Romain to his recently married spouse about some unknown mistake he seems to have made. But it seems very certain as of now that it was nothing serious and they both would surely manage to get over it soon.


Moreover, the couple did not let this stop themselves from uploading a number of snaps on their respective Instagram profiles which also featured some of their romantic and intimate moments in the month of March. (check: Demon Slayer Season 2 Release Date, Trailer, Episodes: Will Netflix Return With Another Series?.)

So now, let’s get back to the core thing once again i.e. business obviously. Christine and Davina have decided to team up to set their eyes on the super expensive mansion that is worth about $75 million. On the other hand, it also looks like Heather, Christine and Maya are considering throwing in everything to ensure an optimum future cum career at the Oppenheim Group.

Selling Sunset Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Episodes, Trailer, Spoilers, Netflix News and Updates
Selling Sunset Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Episodes, Trailer, Spoilers, Netflix News and Updates

Who is the season 3 cast of Selling Sunset?

Considering the circumstances from the time when the last season of Selling Sunset ended, it is very likely that all the existing cast members from the last installment would surely make their comeback this time. Their names are as follows:

  • Christine Quinn,
  • Chrishell Stause,
  • Mary Fitzgerald,
  • Maya Vander,
  • Davina Potratz,
  • Heather Young,
  • Amanza Smith,
  • Romain Bonnet,
  • Brett Oppenheim and last but surely not the least,
  • Jason Oppenheim.

It is certain that some fresh cast members are also on their way to the show and would make their first appearance in the upcoming season.

Just to give the readers a hint about them, we would like to tell you that Terek El Moussa who is the new partner to Heather and Christian Richard who is the present spouse of Christine might be a few of the new faces that we could get to see in the upcoming installment.

Like the usual policy of the Oppenheim Group, they might plan to add some fresh talent, i.e., new brokers to their existing team just like we saw them doing earlier in both of the previous seasons.


Moreover, it must be obvious by now to the readers that there shall be no shortage of candidates for the latter job position, all credit goes to the incredible popularity and fan base of the reality series which is now available on Netflix for streaming.

When is Selling Sunset season 3 release date? Premiere:

Very fortunately, the third season of the latter show would not make the fans wait for much longer. Just recently, on the 22nd May, there was an official announcement made by The Wrap about the renewal of this series created by Adam DiVello. If this news is not enough to excite the fans, here is one more thing we know.

Yes, you guessed it right, we know it’s confirmed release date. To be more precise the latter is supposed to drop on Netflix on August 7, 2020.


The readers need not get disappointed because of this short time period, the coming installment of the show would definitely bring eight fresh episodes as already assured by the makers.

Moreover, the super-talented cast from the show which has already been seen by us in the previous seasons are certainly gonna make it sure that we don’t get disappointed at any point of time while streaming every single episode from the upcoming season.




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