The Winds Of Winter Release Date: George RR Martin Reveals Reason Behind Delay; Game of Thrones Spinoffs Delaying It?

The Winds of Winter Release Date, Spoilers, Characters, Plot, Predictions, Chapters
The Winds of Winter Release Date, Spoilers, Characters, Plot, Predictions, Chapters

There have been limited details about the upcoming novel, The Winds of Winter by George RR Martin up until now. The ardent fans of the A Song of Ice and Fire series are still waiting for its sixth book to release. It has been six years since 2011 when the author first announced that he has started working on TWOW. (Check: One Piece Episode 884.)

It seems that the much-awaited book won’t be published even quite some time after the end of Game of Thrones season 8. Earlier, George Martin revealed that the popular HBO fantasy series affected the storyline of The Winds of Winter. The 70-year-old American writer tried to keep the novel ahead of the GoT show.

However, he couldn’t. Now, it is not possible as some parts of the plot-lines are no longer parallel to each other. Tower of the Hand editor John Jasmin revealed what devoted followers of the A Song of Ice and Fire (ASoIaF) book could expect in the upcoming book. According to him, some scenes have made their way into the show.

the winds of winter release date, chapters, characters, story
the winds of winter release date, chapters, characters, story

As per the popular Game of Thrones fan site, the author has managed to do well so far. Martin has defied the expectations by preferring to pair up characters who have never been together/established relationship rather than allowing to catch up with their long-lost friends and family.

In a recent interview, George told that he would like to stay ahead of the HBO series. When he started writing the A Song of Ice and Fire series, he already had a lead of five novels over the show. The veteran author also revealed that the show has affected the writing process of The Winds of Winter in various occasions.

The series has been more faithful than 97 percent of all tv and movie adaptations. But, it can’t be completely faithful. It it had been more than that, the showrunners would have to run it for five more seasons. The WoW has been postponed a number of times. Earlier, it was supposed to be finished by early 2019.

It looks like the avid fans will have to wait for more time as he is still continuing to work on the book in a secret cabin. Despite these many number of delays, a proportion of followers of ASoIaF book series are hopeful that it would arrive soon. Martin has made himself a personal promise to release the book in or around Summer 2020.

There seems to be another reason why Winds of Winter is taking forever to release. HBO is all set to order a pilot for a House Targaryen spin-off series. The author will again be involved in this Game of Thrones project.

One reddit user who has got thousands of upvotes said that the delay has been due to the difference between the finished product and the outline which George RR Martin submitted to the published in 1993. So, he is going from a to b to c very very carefully. This is why he is taking so much time.


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