Weird The Al Yankovic Story Release Date 2022: The wait is almost for Daniel Radcliffe fans who were waiting for his one big break. Daniel will transform into musical legend Weird Al’ Yankovic in an upcoming comedy biopic, WEIRD: The Weird Al Yankovic Story. Eric Appel directs the comedy movie.

For those who don’t know Eric, he delivered 2 masterpieces in recent years. Brooklyn 99 and New Girl were among Eric’s comedy projects which are loved by the critics.

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Weird The Al Yankovic Story Release Date 2022 Speculations are going all around the internet. In this article, we will give you an overview of the production, cast, and storyline.

The movie revolves around Yankovic’s life and career. From Fame of Parodies to Five Grammy Awards, Billboard 200, Six Platinum Records, and one album. His album Mandotary Fun’ literally shattered many records.

Weird The Al Yankovic Story Trailer

You couldn’t expect Weird: The Al Yankovic Story to be just another blockbuster film because it will have a lot of drama and off-beat comedy. Fans loved the trailer and it became the most-watched trailer on YouTube in a couple of hours.


The movie trailer then shows Radcliffe marching around the stage topless whilst spitting out whiskey and playing the accordion. Later in the clip, we spotted a glimpse of Madonna, played by Evan Rachel Wood, as Radcliffe’s Al lets her into a mansion. He added, “What Can I Say, I am full of Surprises”. It appeared he was talking to someone, but it didn’t make clear.

Confirmed Cast for Weird The Al Yankovic Story 

Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe will play Al Yankovic. Yankovic confirmed on Twitter that the cast will include Rainn Wilson, Toby Russ, and Julianne Nicholson. It had been a long for fans of Rainn Wilson to see him perform in a comedy, it will be rejuvenating for all ‘The Office’ fans.


Weird The Al Yankovic Story Release Date 

Weird The Al Yankovic Story Release Date 2022 is not finalized yet. But we can expect the release before winter. The movie already got an amazing buzz going on the internet, apart from production and marketing delays, there should be no change in Weird The Al Yankovic Story Release Date 2022.

According to our sources, the production hasn’t yet decided on the official release date. Its a huge project and factors like Holidays and availability of the cast for promo shows and theatre releases would be taken into consideration before finalizing a Weird The Al Yankovic Story Release Date.

Where to Watch Weird The Al Yankovic Story Online

The movie is expected to make its way to theatres before winter. After the initial release, viewers can expect the OTT and PPV release in around 1 year.



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