Generally the official announcement about series’s renewal are made before the mid-year. Producers are still need to decide whether they are renewing ‘The Exorcist’ for Season 3 this year or not. It will a tough call to renew ‘The Exorcist‘ amid financial problems in the industry.

As the time is coming down for renewal of the series, there are some clues left by the producers which can hint about Season 3 possible renewal. Although the news of renewal are not confirmed and could be wrong but we have various facts considering whether the series would be renewed or not.

According to the news from source Fox supernatural drama is currently in danger zone of getting removed from the renewal list.


‘The Exorcist’ Renewal Analysis

Officially suspended exorcist Marcus and his gullible protégé Father Tomas, Ben Daniels and Alfonso Herrera, individually, have a standout amongst the most charming groups of the television industry. We all can sum up their relationship simply as the men of confidence investigate one new case in every fresh season, is overflowing with adoration, envy, appreciation, selling out and fear; it’s not less known fact that Marcus ran away from the situation after killing an innocent person in order to save Thomas’s life. No doubt there are obvious reasons to renew the season to see continued partnership between Marcus and Tomas.

‘The Exorcist’ Season 3 will be definitely coming up with a lot more changes in the theme. The 10-episode season will definitely carry out the same stage followup Marcus, Tomas and few other important characters in the story following up from the eve with remarkable changes in the theme. This series is literally full of opportunities for the makers. Fans really didn’t loved Zuleikha Robinson appearance as Marcus in comparison to Mouse. This can be counted as a well-enough reason for cancelling the renewal of show.

There are fringe chances of getting the ‘The Exorcist’ Season 3 renewal cancelled as Fox producers are famous for taking risk of such renewals.


There could be only one real reason of getting Exorcist removed from the lineup list, the show ratings and viewership. From  over averaging 1.3 million total weekly viewers and a 0.4 demo rating, The Exorcist is down sharply from the 1.9 mil/0.7 that happened only a year before. Not just falling from charts as the worst and lowest rated television program on the Fox, it also got some really bad numbers from critics.

‘The Exorcist’ New Season Confirmed?

If we consider the above mentioned facts, renewal of ‘The Exorcist’ Season 3 largely depends on availability of cast. The news could be confirmed only in May 2018.

‘The Exorcist’ Release Date

If the series gets a renewal soon, it might get release as soon as March 2019.



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