Who would be the next target in Jonah’s hitlist?

The first season of the Hunters was able to gather a considerable amount of positive response from the fans as well as a negative response from the critics. It should sound evident to the readers by now as the show follows the storyline inspired by the sufferings of the people as a result of imaginary holocaust atrocities as well as Nazis’ encounters with the general population.

Through IndieWire, we came to learn that Nikki Toscano, who is one of the showrunners as well as the executive producer of the show, the makers have no intention of justifying the acts of the Nazis.

They think that though many of the Nazi members might have a cruel and violent mindset embedded in their nature, still there are a few others who have their reasons for the hint of Nazi flavor in their conduct. Moreover, the concept of their show ‘Hunters’ is not to explain the Nazi activities but instead provide the latter with a valid recognition.


Also, few allegations were claiming that Al Pacino’s show is a source of violence promotion. Some of the viewers did not like this fact and started raising questions against the work of Quentin Tarantino.

The creator of the show, David Weil, who is also fond of his work, he is an expert in his field. According to him, the most exciting part is that he never intended for the show to finally turn out to be a masterpiece of Tarantino’s superior skills.

Though Amazon has not made any official announcement regarding the continuation of the show for now still, this isn’t enough to conclude that the show would not be renewed with a second season.


Toscano revealed to Collider that the makers are already having several discussions about the future of the show. Also, according to him, Amazon has been supportive as a streaming platform for the latter. No wonder, they would get a chance to work on the next season.

On the other hand, Weil has already come up with a plan for about five seasons. It means they have plenty of content for the further seasons after the renewal of the series gets a green signal.

Following are the details for the next season.


Hunters Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

It does not make any sense to claim anything about the release schedule for the second season of the latter series unless its renewal is officially confirmed. Also, the current circumstances prevailing all over the globe make it is even tougher to figure out about the beginning of shooting for the upcoming season.

We would unquestionably keep this page updated regarding any further related news. So, we would like to suggest the readers to keep checking here regularly to keep getting fresh reports about ‘Hunters’.

Hunters Season 2 Cast: Who will return?

It should be evident by now to the viewers after streaming the first season that the show focuses primarily on a character played by Al Pacino. But wait, the season finale did shockingly bring a super exciting twist to the scenario. It would be fascinating to see how the latter makes his comeback in the next season.


Also, if ‘Hunters’ is renewed for a second season, likely, the rest of the actors portraying notable characters from the show would return in the upcoming season. (check: Netflix’s ‘Outer Banks’ Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Episodes & Everything About Upcoming Series.)

Their respective names are Logan Lerman (playing Jonah Heidelbaum), Jerrika Hinton (Millie Morris), Lena Olin (Eva aka The Colonel), Saul Rubinek (Murray Markowitz), Carol Kane (Mindy Markowitz), Josh Radnor (Lonny Flash), Greg Austin (Travis Leich), Tiffany Boone (Roxy Jones), Louis Ozawa (Joe Terrance), Kate Mulvany (Sister Harriet), Dylan Baker (Biff Simpson).

Hunters Season 2 Plot: What will happen?

After considering the events which occurred in the season one finale episode, it can be concluded that the next season is supposed to highlight the grudges between the task force of Millie and the Hunters of Jonah.


On the other hand, we are also looking forward to knowing more about the loyalty of the suspect of Sister Harriet and even the unexpected cameo of Adolf Hitler himself in the final episode of the first season that needs to be explained in the next season.

Hunters Season 2 Trailer

As even the filming for the upcoming season has not started due to the current worldwide pandemic, so it should be evident that it would take quite a long time for the makers to drop a trailer for the latter on the internet. For those people who have not watched the first season, then it is available exclusively on Amazon Prime Video to stream.



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