Kasautii Zindagii Kay (KZK) Season 2 29th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Shivani wants to marry Ronit!

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Season 2 5th August 2020 Written Update: Mr. Bajaj gifts CEO’s position of Bajaj city to Ronit!
Kasautii Zindagii Kay Season 2 5th August 2020 Written Update: Mr. Bajaj gifts CEO’s position of Bajaj city to Ronit!

The Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 episode begins with Prerna says to Shivani that 8 years ago Anurag not only tried to kill her but end her life. She says that she was shocked to know that her 3-days-old daughter has been put up in an orphanage by Anurag and Komolika. She says that the orphanage also got burned and she lost her 3-days-old daughter.

She says that Mr. Bajaj helped her and made her a strong woman so he didn’t allow her to enter the old life. She says that if she came back weak, then Anurag and Komolika would have attacked her again. She says that she has returned and they will be together now. She says that she thought Mr. Bajaj is looking upon her family.


Prerna says that Mr. Bajaj arranged a job for Shekhar Bhaiya too. Shivani says that he did the job but after the accident wasn’t able to continue it. Prerna says that she didn’t know about anything. She says that Mr. Bajaj might have not told her anything because he didn’t want her to get stressed. She apologizes to Shivani for all this.

Shivani says that they were stuck in so many problems so they forget her problems. Shivani says to Prerna that she loves Ronit a lot and wants to marry him. Prerna says that she wants some time to accept everything.


Komolika says to Ronit that Shivani will become the reason for Prerna’s problems now. Mohini and Nivedita hear their conversation.

Kaushik says to Moloy that his expressions are confusing him as everything is sorted now but he is stressed. Kaushik says that Prerna did wrong by snatching Anurag into it. Moloy asks him to shut up as he doesn’t have enough knowledge. Moloy asks him to understand that Prerna is a very humble and good person and he knows about Komolika well.


Moloy says that he doesn’t think Ronit loves Shivani. Moloy asks Kaushik to find out the truth. Veena and Bhabhi come to Prerna and Shivani. Veena questions what was happening? Prerna says that she saw Shivani with Ronit so she thought he kidnapped her. She says that she didn’t know about Ronit and Shivani.

Mohini says to Komolika that she is with her if she wants to take revenge from Prerna and her family. Nivedita also agrees with her as her CEO post got snatched because of Prerna. Komolika says that she is returning her CEO post now. Komolika says to Ronit that he should look after his personal life as he is getting married.

Komolika asks Ronit to stay in the Basu Mansion and says that Shivani will also stay here after marriage. Komolika asks Ronit to call Shivani for confessing his love and everything to make her stupid.

Veena says to Prerna that they were about to tell her everything but she was stuck in her problems. Moloy asks Kaushik to find out whether Ronit loves Shivani or not. Kaushik says that he will question Ronit and then they can judge him.

Mr. Bajaj says to Prerna that a reporter called him asking about Ronit and Shivani’s wedding date. Prerna says that Shivani wants to marry Ronit. He says that she should stop her because he is not a good guy and it is all Komolika’s plan. Prerna gets emotional that she left everyone and Ronit came back in Shivani’s life in 8 years.

Prerna says that how can she talk to her about it as she can question her trust in Anurag! Mr. Bajaj questions whether she trusts him? She says that he was always with her so she trusts him. He says that he will find out everything.

Precap: Komolika announces Ronit and Shivani’s marriage. Prerna also accepts the marriage!



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