Donald Trump’s Social Media Application recently launched the web chat feature for its users. The application can now be accessed using the web chat at any time, anywhere. All you need to do is log in using your mobile number/ email, and you will be able to access Truth Social Without Downloading.

This development came as the rally organizers evaluated the possibility of Google Play Store rejecting the listing of social media applications backed by the former US President. Truth Social Application will also be available sideloaded on android or iOS devices.

How to access Truth Social PWA 

  1. Visit the official website of Truth Social.
  2. Click on “Add PWA to Your Homescreen”.
  3. Choose Space from where you want to add PWA.
  4. Sign the pledge and sign up using your phone number and email.
  5. Send messages and receive texts from your republican friends.

Click Here to Download Truth Social Apk 


The Chief Executive of Truth Social application recently informed the media about the latest development in Truth Social Web Version Development. He explained the upcoming changes in the application platform.

He also added that they had submitted the application for approval on Google Play Store, but no reply has been provided by the search engine giant yet.

What is Truth Social PWA

PWA (Progressive Web Application) is a kind of shortcut which you can add to your iOS and Android Phones. It consumes minimal space in comparison to a full-fledge application download.


Now you can use Truth Social Without Downloading the Application on your iOS or Android phone. You need to go to the official website and log in using the credentials.

This will also reduce dependency on Mobile Networks for Donald Trump before organizing rallies. Usually, authorities can block Mobile Internet Data during protests in a given area, making the application inaccessible for many users. Anyone with a computer can be notified of Republican Party activities with this new update.

Chief Executive said, “End of May, we will launch PWA (Web Browser) this will allow access from any device,” Nunes wrote. “After that, we will launch an Android App… pending approval from Google!”


Truth Social’s parent company, Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG), was launched to stand up to Big Tech after Trump was kicked off Twitter. Facebook and YouTube for allegedly inciting or glorifying violence during the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol riots.

Google has yet not released any update on their possible action on Truth Social Android Application. However, any decision by Google wouldn’t be able to change the course of Truth Social PWA.

Ever since its launch, Truth Social progressively claimed charts on Apple Store. The application was able to rank in the 1-3 position for the last three days. Trump even organised a few rallies post success of his application.



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