Where is Jack Ma: A few hours back, news of the Chinese Billionaire and Founder of Alibaba broke out on the Internet. Jack Ma is known for his entrepreneurial free spirit. Jack Ma has been missing since 2019 when the Pandemic started.

Where is Real Jack Ma

Before knowing ‘Where is Real Jack Ma,’ let’s look at the most prominent theory behind Alibaba’s founder’s disappearance.

Jack Ma Recent Appearances

  1. October 2020: He delivered a speech and criticized Chinese Policymakers
  2. May 2021: ‘He’ visited the company’s Hangzhou campus on Ali Day.
  3. September 2021: ‘Jack Ma’ was spotted visiting controlled greenhouses in Zhejiang.
  4. Next Day (Sept 2021): Alibaba pledged 15 Billion USD to President Xi Jinping’s initiative.

Where is Jack Ma: Jack Ma is possibly in China. His activities and appearances are controlled by Chinese authorities. 

There are various theories behind Jack Ma’s disappearance; the most prominent theory signifies the role of the Chinese govt in suppressing billionaires from becoming too powerful. Jack Ma was controlling a major chunk of International trade before his disappearance. During the Covid, witnesses and close circle members of Jack Ma were suspiciously wiped out from the Chinese social media websites.

While the founder Jack Ma was arrested, Chinese companies with a major chunk of Alibaba’s founder continued to buy dips in NASDAQ and NIFTY. The Chinese investment companies started withdrawing their share after the world started healing from Coronavirus.


A few Hours Back, Chinese Police arrested someone with the name ‘Jack Ma’ on record. Later it was clarified that the news was a hoax, and there is still no information about the billionaire Jack Ma. Currently, Jack Ma is one of the Chinese best-kept secrets.

Later it surfaced that the person mentioned in the police report was different ‘Jack Ma’ and the news mentioning ‘Jack Ma Arrested’ was misleading. But the damage had already been done in the share market.

In less than an hour, 26 Billion Dollars of Shareholder’s wealth was wiped from Stock Market. However, the share was quick to back up and gained good support.


Why Jack Ma Went Missing – The Real Reason

China Communist Party couldn’t handle any type of criticism. They banned Facebook, Google, and Twitter for the same. The Chinese billionaire Jack Ma went missing after delivering a speech in October 2020 in Shanghai criticizing China’s financial regulators.

He had appearances to only support President Xi Jinping’s campaigns, but Alibaba founder Jack Ma has not shared his opinions in years.

Various reports pointed out the policy of running empty machinery at factories to keep the electricity demand while the Chinese Exports were low.


Is Jack Ma Alive?

There was no media confrontation from Jack Ma personally since he criticized Chinese regulators. There is no possible way to confirm whether the person spotted in photographs by ‘journalists’ was him.

However, Ma is a very important person in this world. Chinese govt surely has differences with him, but they wouldn’t hide something important relating well-being of a person of interest.

Since it’s May 2022 already and 6 months have passed since his last appearance, we hope Xi Jinping will allow Ma to have another appearance very soon.



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