Boruto Chapter 44 Release Date and Updates: Jigen May Be Attacked By Koji Kashin

Boruto Chapter 44 Release Date, Spoilers, Speculations, News and Updates
Boruto Chapter 44 Release Date, Spoilers, Speculations, News and Updates

The upcoming 44 chapter of the manga ‘Boruto’ would surely be one of the most exciting installment of the latter series and the viewers should not even consider skipping it. (check: Val x Love Season 2.)

The events and activities happening within the Kara organization does not seem to go in the right direction but might rather result in the emergence of a new group of leading members. Also, Boruto might even have to face a crisis because of the Karma as shown in the last chapters.

On the other hand, Jigen also seems to be super mighty which is obviously expected from the one who is a leader from the Kara organization.Unfortunate for him, taking on Sasuke and Naruto together did not seem to be a piece of cake even for him.

Boruto Chapter 44 Release Date, Spoilers, Speculations, News and Updates
Boruto Chapter 44 Release Date, Spoilers, Speculations, News and Updates

Although, he was able to capture Naruto in a jar like kettle but facing the two Konoha fighters simultaneously was the thing which highly exhausted his strength which might just prove fatal for him in the upcoming chapter 44 of ‘Boruto’.

Koji Kasin who always longed to kill Jigen has been waiting for quite a long time for the Kara leader to return, so that, he could finally end the life of the latter. He blindly trusted the fact that, though, Jigen might be able to defeat Hokage in the fight between both of them but might also lose a lot of his energy in the process.

Koji Kasin might have the best chance to grab the opportunity to charge upon Jigen in the upcoming chapter 44 of ‘Boruto’.

When the last chapter 43 of ‘Boruto’ was released, we were able to see Jigen meeting Amado when he returned back to the base of Kara. Amado told him that he was not able to regain even about ten percent of his energy while charging at the back.

The time finally came when Koji thought of initiating his action when the latter learned about the absence of Boro and Code at that time. When Amado inquired from him about it, his words and behaviour clearly meant that he was about to charge upon him.

It is highly possible that the upcoming chapter 44 of ‘Boruto’ might also feature a battle between two of the super mighty warriors of Kara. After considering all the circumstances in the current scenario, it sounds that Koji might have the advantage in this face-off but it is still not very certain whether he would be able to kill Jigen in the process.

Moreover, there is also a probability that he might be hiding any trick till now and could decide to use it in the upcoming chapter to survive the battle for now.

On the other hand, the last chapters which were released earlier also pointed towards any unseen and unknown crisis which might be on its way to Boruto due to the Karma. When Sarada damaged the core of Boro, he unleashed his wrath which also triggered the Karma of Boruto.

Also, the observations made by the members of Team 7 made them too concerned because they were completely disturbed by the completely new personality of Boruto which could be seen in the conduct of him. He even teased Boro for behaving too excitingly.

To even worsen the situation, he seemed to forget his entire memory and experience of the recent events. Sarada is of the opinion that this time, Karma might result to be even more lethal than ever before. There is also a probability that Momoshiki might be trying to transform Boruto, so that he could use him as his vessel.

The chapter 44 of ‘Boruto’ is supposed to arrive on the 30th March, 2020. Keep in touch for more related news.


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