Fortnite Season 10 Battle Pass Release Date: When is season 9 going to end?

Fortnite Season 10 Release Date, Battle Pass, Map, Trailer, Skins, Leaks, End Date
Fortnite Season 10 Release Date, Battle Pass, Map, Trailer, Skins, Leaks, End Date

It seems that Fortnite season 10 release date may have been leaked. Here’s everything that we know about the video game of Epic Games. Let’s check when season 10 could start and when season 9 of Fortnite is going to end. (Check: Doom Patrol Season 2 .)

Fornite 9th season was released recently. It features over 100 new exclusive Battle Royale rewards that you can unlock in the Battle Pass. The upcoming season is expected to have a plenty of new futuristic skins that ties into the cyberpunk-like Neo Tilted POI that was added for the latest Battle Pass.

The latest season comes with an in-game countdown via which the users can get a good idea of when the Fortnite season 10 will be releasing. As per the countdown, the battle pass for season 9 will last for 75 days only. July 23, Tuesday, seems to be the final full day of Fortnite season 9.

Fortnite Season 10 Release Date, Battle Pass, Map, Trailer, Skins, Leaks, End Date
Fortnite Season 10 Release Date, Battle Pass, Map, Trailer, Skins, Leaks, End Date

It’s considering no other delays. If Fortnite season 10 continues to follow the release schedule of the previous seasons, then it could be launched on the next day of season 9’s final full day. So, that means, Fortnite season 10 will have a release date of July 24, Wednesday.

If it happens, it would be a surprising move by the Epic Games. It’s because since Fortnite season 5, the new Fortnite seasons have started on Thursday. There seems to be one reason why Epic Games may want to release on a Wednesday, instead of a Thursday.

The Fortnite World Cup finals is set to start on July 26, Friday, in New York. It will end on July 28, Sunday. It looks Epic Games wants Fortnite season 10 to be a played for a few days before the Fortnite World Cup even begins so as to clear any possible kinks.

It will be interesting to see what would be the theme of Fortnite’s season 10. It’s because Epic Games like to throw curveballs. So, it’s gonna be hard to predict. However, it’s in the rumors that the upcoming installment would bring a new map that was revealed long ago.

In 9th installment, any new map wasn’t introduced. Instead, some new POIs were added to the previous release. There has been one of the new maps that the game company has bee working on for a long time now. If all goes well, we would have a new map.

If all went well, it would shake-up eSports pros’ preparations for the event. With it, it could make an unpredictable inaugural World Cup tournament. This way, the Epic Games would get a great way to promote one of the new maps that it has been talking about for long.

We have been seeing that ‘a new Battle Royale map is coming’ for most of 2018 and so far, all of 2019. To a similar question of adding more maps, the Fortnite makers said that they will, but not right away. As of now, they are making improvement to the existing map by adding more points of interesting, according to them.

This FAQ answer has been for most of 2018, and for all of 2019 so far. Thus, it remains to be seen when would they launch the new Fortnite map. This is going to the first Fortnite season in double figures. So, Epic Games may end up releasing one of these new maps.


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