One Piece Chapter 932 Release Date and Spoilers: Are Big Mom & Strawhats Partners ?

one piece chapter 932 release date and spoilers
one piece chapter 932 release date and spoilers

The chapter 931 was a good segment of the manga series. Now, it’s the time for One Piece 932. If you haven’t read the previous one, then go for that first. Though it was interesting, it was not at par with the earlier chapters. Still, it had its own features like we got to see the Raid Suit of Sanji.

We got to see many of Sanji’s new powers in his fight against Page One in the last chapter. It appears as if he has become way more powerful that he was before he had his new suit. Nico Robin was also featured at the castle Orochi while searching for some documents or Poneglyph. Unfortunately, Oniwaban caught her right there.

Now, in the next chapter of One Piece manga, it will become interesting to see how Robin will get free. As of now, they don’t know who the girl really is whom they have caught. Her life will be endangered if they gets to know who she is in the upcoming week.

one piece chapter 932 release date and spoilers
one piece chapter 932 release date and spoilers

Besides all of this, we also got to see Big Mom losing her all memories in the previous chapter. When Chopper, Kiku, Tama, and Momonosuke tried to approach her, Big Mom refused to have known them saying she doesn’t know who they are and who she is. In the next segment of One Piece series, the Sanji vs Page One fight will conclude.

It is also entirely possible that the fight between the two has already concluded. It wasn’t clear to the fullest till the end. However, even if that’s not the case, it will end for sure in the upcoming week.

It also looks like that Big Mom will try to get friendly with Chopper. Her personality seems to have been altered into a child’s one. So, due to this reason, she would like to make friends. We may also get to see her becoming an important asset in the battle against Kaido.

One Piece #932 will be releasing on February 11, 2019, while the scans for the chapter will be available by 8th February 2019.


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