One Piece Chapter 974 Release Date and Updates: Person Behind Betrayal To Be Revealed

One Piece Chapter 974 Release Date, Spoilers, Plot, News and Updates
One Piece Chapter 974 Release Date, Spoilers, Plot, News and Updates

One Piece 974: Many interesting discoveries and exciting revelations are supposed to be made in the upcoming chapter 974 of ‘One Piece’ which would make this chapter a true entertainer for all the fans. Also, just to clear the doubts about the events occurring in the present timeline, some flashback from the past could also be made. (check: Black Clover Episode 125.)

Speculated plot:
As we already know, the upcoming chapter 974 of ‘One Piece’ has been titled as “Onward to Onigashima!!” which clearly implies that we could get to see the occurrences from the earlier time when Luffy was about to meet the armies of men which could become his possible allies in the coming times when required.

Also, Kinemon was also supposed to see him but for some unknown reason their meeting could not take place for then. Also, there are rumours floating around about people believing that the upcoming chapter 974 of ‘One Piece’ is supposed to mark the beginning of the fourth Act.

One Piece Chapter 974 Release Date, Spoilers, Plot, News and Updates
One Piece Chapter 974 Release Date, Spoilers, Plot, News and Updates

In this Act, Kaido finally gets to fight with Luffy. Here, the villain i.e. Kaido gets defeated by the latter. It sounds that Kaido is not as mighty or powerful as he might seem to be. It could also be concluded that even Oden could have certainly beaten him earlier if the old hag was not able to attract his attention and divert his mind in that situation.

For now, if we consider, Luffy is not yet much powerful and does not still have the required powers or skills to fight alone with Kaido. So the Nine Red Scabbards make their first appearance in this situation where Luffy is in utmost need of some help and allies. It also implies that he would also need to talk with Kinemon before taking on Kaido.

Expected storyline and predictions:
Some of the fans of the manga believe that the chapter 974 of ‘One Piece’ would certainly show what happened to the missing people as well as the ships. The actual identity of Denjiro would also be revealed to be Kyoshiro who probably disguised himself to get involved and blend among the men of Orochi which could definitely prove to be helpful for him to learn about the plans and strategies that might be getting prepared by Orochi and he might also get to know about the hidden secrets about him.

A spoiler for the chapter 974 of ‘One Piece’ that was spotted in a Reddit post says that Denjiro considered working for Orochi to make the desired situation come true where he could easily attack Shogun at the required time. There are also chances that he might be doing all this struggle to avenge the death of his master which Orochi killed through unfair means and false tricks.

After all this great hustle and mess, the real identities of Denjiro and Hiyori would be finally disclosed among the citizens of Wano by themselves which would give rise to chaos and disturbances in the city. To help defeating Kaido, the samurai would be released and set free.

The breach of trust:
After considering all the aspects of the current situation, it could be safely concluded that Kajuro could be our traitor. There is a high probability that he conveyed the confidential information, specifically which was about the strategy of Nine Red Scabbards’ to Orochi which resulted to be the main reason behind the death of Oden.

Initially, we were considering Denjiro to be the culprit but eventually we got to realize that he was the one who was actually safeguarding the Princess from Orochi till now which cleared all our doubts regarding him. Moreover, as Kawamatsu is enclosed within the prison, it is nearly impossible for him to get to know and further leak the vital news.

Raizo, Inurarashi and Nekomamushi are certainly believed to be totally faithful and trustworthy towards the Kozuki family, whereas, on the other hand, Kikunojo considered Orochi to be his enemy from the very first day.

Momonosuke is always seen being protected by Kinemon and also, there had been an attempt to kill Jack who was Kaidou’s man by Ashura Doji. The only possible suspect for being the traitor who is left now is none other than Kanjuro.

One Piece Chapter 974 Release Date
If we consider the reports of Otakukart, the chapter 974 of ‘One Piece’ is supposed to arrive till the 15th of March. There are no possibilities for any kind of delay for now.


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