Check out the complete valentine day list. We have made a quick go to valentine week list 2020 for this February. The yearly love days are around the corner. Every year, the Valentine’s day is celebrated on February 14. The love is in the air feeling has started to surface. The days just before the Valentines day are observed as valentine week.

Each day of the valentine’s week holds a specific significance for this love festival. The week of valentine starts from February 7 with Rose Day and continues till 14th February, i.e., Valentine day. Some people also observe the days after it. They are regarded as the anti-valentine week. It also consists of a seven days.

valentine day week list 2020
valentine day week list 2020

Valentine Week List 2020 Days

Rose Day – February 7

This year, Rose Day 2020 falls on Friday. On this occasion, roses play an important role by helping you in letting your loved ones what and how much they mean to you. Red roses are associated with romance, yellow roses to friends, white roses to end fight as they signify peace.


Propose Day – February 8

This year, Propose day will be celebrated on Saturday. It is the time to let you express your feeling for the loved one. This day comes at number two in the valentine day week list. You can use it to purpose your crush and let him/her know how much you like her/him.

Propose Day Images | Propose Day Quotes

Chocolate Day – February 9

Chocolate day 2020 will fall on Sunday this time around. You can utilize this day to express your feelings to a friend, family, or loved ones. People of all ages like chocolates and chocolates have also been used to signify love for ages.


Chocolate Day Images | Chocolate Day Wishes

Teddy Day – February 10

Teddy day 2019 will be observed on Monday. The fourth day of valentine week is dedicated to teddy bears. They are probably one of the best ways to say “I Love You” to somebody you love whole-heartedly. Surprise your cush, friend, or any person who holds significance in your life on this Sunday. Gift them a teddy bear. It’s one of the common gift that everyone would like from couples to siblings to even parents.

Promise Day – February 11

It’s a significant day in the list of valentine day week. It will be celebrated on Tuesday in 2020. Promise day can be used to reaffirm the commitment in the relationship and the bond increases for lifetime. You can send a text message to your loved one, and promise them your loyalty and love.


Hug Day – February 12

In 2019, hug day will be observed on Wednesday. A  hug comes to the rescue when words can’t do their job. So, go ahead and hug your partner, friend, love, or family members.

Kiss Day – February 13

Just before the valentine day, the week list brings the Kiss Day. In 2020, it will be observed on Thursday. Generally, a kiss represents affection and love. There are different types of kisses. A simple kiss can make your and your partner’s day this valentine week.

Valentine’s Day – February 14

The day of love will be celebrated on Friday in 2020. It’s the most awaited day in the valentine week list. The valentine day list ends with it. It is celebrated to honor Saint Valentine, a 3rd century Roman saint associated with courtly love.



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