Youjo Senki Season 2 Release Date: Saga of Tanya the Evil Plot, Spoilers & Everything Else To Know About Anime

Youjo Senki Season 2 Release Date: Saga of Tanya the Evil Episodes, Characters, Spoilers, Plot, Trailer, Updates
Youjo Senki Season 2 Release Date: Saga of Tanya the Evil Episodes, Characters, Spoilers, Plot, Trailer, Updates

After catching up with the popular Season 1 for Youjo Senki, the fans are eagerly waiting to catch up with the latest updates regarding the sequel. For those who are not much familiar with the series, all the plot and story is described in the article. (Check: Highschool of the Dead Season 2.)

Protagonists as the villain of the series; I mean this is something not everyone seems to be used to but at the same time it is also super exciting & thrilling when put together. Well, this anime depicts the brand new latter trend in the best manner possible. The Nut Studio adapted the anime from the novel Saga. No doubt, it can be said that “Youjo Senki” fits best as a perfect example of adapting an anime series.

Youjo Senki Season 2 Plot

It is an epic show depicting nicely how a nine-year-old blond smashes her enemies just like a true warrior does on the battlefield. Also known as the story of ‘SAGA OF TANYA THE EVIL”, it shows the life of a very young warrior cum soldier with name Tanya Degurechaff who was previously born as a Japanese salaryman who got murdered.

In a spin-off version of the European world war, she is reborn as a “cute” looking timid girl with the same conscience. The Mages Troup recruits her & very soon promotes her to the position of Second Lieutenant. This just 9-year-old talented girl proves to be a priceless asset for the nation with her superb battle tactics & ruthlessness in her mass-killing operations & missions.

Youjo Senki Season 2 Release Date: Saga of Tanya the Evil Episodes, Characters, Spoilers, Plot, Trailer, Updates
Youjo Senki Season 2 Release Date: Saga of Tanya the Evil Episodes, Characters, Spoilers, Plot, Trailer, Updates

Her reputation is not like that of a good “protagonist” typical image but is rather of a ruthless & skeptical business-minded person which is the most tricky & interesting part of the story. All thanks to her such attitude, she was able to bring herself the popular title cum pet-name the “DEVIL OF THE RHINE”.

There dwells a soul of the possibly the toughest & roughest man with an unlimited & unstoppable caliber inside the adorable & timid looking body of hers. The latter had also challenged the Being X who is a self-proclaimed God for a battle testing the limits of their respective minds.

Therefore, as a result, the man is magically reincarnated as a little girl of fearsome warfare skills & tactics. She is a focused & determined soldier who desires to step-up the positional ranks in the country’s military, which is on the verge of slowly submerging into the war completely. In her way to returning to her old peaceful life she once lived, there stands the only person like an obstacle in her way the one & only ‘BEING X’.

Though she did not desire to eventually her bold efforts & actions have steered the majestic nation into reaching the position of one of the mightiest empires ever in the world whether it comes to present or even past.

Youjo Senki Season 2: About the source novel

Youjo Senki has been adapted from manga with the same name “SAGA OF TANYA THE EVIL” in Japanese. The Saga represents a simple novel series which Carlo Zen wrote & the illustrations were contributed by Shinobu Shinotsuki.

The first season gained a good response from the audience when it got aired on 6 January 2017, in the winters & winded up till March 31, 2017. Comparison of about a dozen episodes i.e. 12, the fans welcome & receive it early with love. The series got a huge appraisal from the audience and even received 8.12 scores by MyAnimeList.

Youjo Senki Season 2 spoilers: What can be expected by the viewers?

To read all the rumor and the spoiler regarding the series, continue reading the article. Any official confirmation is not made on all the spoilers. As with the heard rumor, it can be said that the plot will get a new twist if there is a sequel.

Though, if you don’t want to spoil your watching experience, then skip reading this section. Or else, you can find some interesting things in the section to add up in your list and wait for the sequel. This twist can be about a war that would happen between two opposite people when it comes to belief.

It might be possible to see a clash between Mary Sioux and Tanya Degurechaff. The impact of actions taken by Tanya is seen in Mary’s life as she lost all her family members during the war. In terms of beliefs, they both represent different personalities. Tanya can be categorized as an atheist person who doesn’t have a belief in the presence of God. On the other hand, Mary is seen opposite as she does believe in God.

God plays a crucial role in the series who aims at making Tanya realize or acknowledge God. It is done by making Tanya stand in two diversified situations where she needs to show her faith. In the end, Tanya might be seen offering a direct challenge to God.

Youjo Senki Season 2 Release date: When will it get aired?

The Evil Saga already attained a release with the movie sequel. The fans are curious to know the updates regarding the series renewal with a new season. Presently, any official announcement didn’t come into knowledge regarding the official release date.

The main basis, which can result in the release of next season is the material. If there is enough source material with the producers, then a new season will soon get aired. Or if the source material is not so much, then not many expectations can be raised by the producers.

Season 1 came with 12 volumes which gained immense popularity among the viewers. In the last episode, the story was released corresponding to the fifth chapter as released in Tanya’s Saga ‘The Evil’ in its third volume. At present, there are about 10 or over 10 episodes (volumes) for the novel series.

Still, fans should wait till 2020 springtime to hear the updates for the renewal. Also, stay tuned with our page to get the latest notifications.


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